America’s Survival, Inc. Supports King Hearings into Radical Islam

March 8th, 2011 at 5:32 pm EDT

Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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We have just sent out this news release about Rep. Peter King’s Thursday hearings on radical Islam:


America’s Survival, Inc. Supports King Hearings into Radical Islam and Urges a Probe of Al-Jazeera


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The public policy group America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) today praised Rep. Peter King for scheduling congressional hearings on Thursday into the dangers posed by radical Islam in America and urged their expansion into the activities of the anti-American “Jihad TV” channel Al-Jazeera in the U.S.  


“Any serious inquiry into why some Muslims are turning radical has to look at the influence of Al-Jazeera,” said ASI President Cliff Kincaid, a veteran investigative journalist.  “Our enemies see the value of TV broadcasts in their anti-Western Jihad. We should recognize that propaganda channels providing anti-American programming here and abroad are major factors behind the terrorist threat.”

Kincaid said that while he is not yet calling for the official banning of Al-Jazeera, federal authorities can and should investigate the channel to determine if it constitutes a “global terrorist entity” that threatens national security. Kincaid said that Rep. King’s Homeland Security Committee could hear testimony on the channel’s relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has spawned various terrorist groups.  The “global terrorist entity” designation has already been applied to Al-Manar, the TV channel affiliated with the terrorist group Hezbollah. As a result, Al-Manar’s broadcasts have been banned by the U.S. Government and those who have tried to broadcast the channel in the U.S. have been prosecuted and convicted of providing support to a foreign terrorist organization.


Kincaid’s ASI has been working with Florida broadcaster Jerry Kenney in highlighting how 30 public TV stations in the U.S. have been hijacked not only by Al-Jazeera English but Russia Today (RT), a Moscow-funded international channel. “The American people will be outraged when they learn that their tax dollars are putting foreign propaganda on the air,” Kincaid said. Kenney’s investigations have determined that a public broadcasting entity called MHz Networks, which also airs a show, “Islam in America,” is behind the taxpayer-financed scheme.


ASI on Tuesday began running ads on WorldNetDaily, one of the most popular Internet sites, opposing further entry into the U.S. media market of Al-Jazeera English. The ads tell the Emir of Qatar, a King-like figure who runs the country and funds the channel, to keep his “hands off” the USA. The ads link to the ASI website, and information about Al-Jazeera’s “Jihad TV” agenda, such as how the channel’s links to Hezbollah have earned Al-Jazeera a $1.2 billion lawsuit for deaths and injuries sustained as a result of its coverage of the 2006 war in Lebanon. The website also features a warning from Dr. Judea Pearl, father of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, that Al-Jazeera promotes Jihad and that its further entry into U.S. media markets could spark more cases of home-grown terrorism. Daniel Pearl was murdered by al-Qaeda while investigating terrorist groups in Pakistan.

“What we have uncovered is worthy of follow-up by Rep. King’s Homeland Security Committee,” Kincaid said. “We support his effort to expose radical Islam and respectfully ask that additional hearings be held into other aspects of this problem that threaten our lives.”


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