[ASI] What is Alex Jones Smoking?

April 18th, 2013 at 11:39 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival:

The Iranian government television channel Press TV, a known conduit for anti-American disinformation, is publishing the claims of "right wing" radio host Alex Jones that the Boston bombings are a "false flag" operation actually carried out by U.S. federal agents (see image below).

If Press TV is publicizing something, you can be almost certain the truth is the exact opposite. Such a disinformation operation may actually suggest that Iran is involved in the Boston terror attacks. Or at least that Arabs or Muslims linked to Iran carried out the terror attack.

Be clear on this fact: Press TV is the Iranian regime's English-language global television channel. It is a propaganda outlet controlled by the Iranian regime.

Jones can be counted on to protect the Arabs or Muslims or Russians, depending on what the case or situation may be. In his world, only Americans and their agents are villains. He appeals to impressionable people, who seem to think the U.S. Government is out to get them. Alex Jones promotes the marijuana movement, a creation of George Soros. In short, Jones makes real conservatives look bad. Perhaps that is his role and purpose.

In this case, like his 9/11 "inside job" theory, Jones seems determined to avoid pinning the blame on a foreign government and the foreign Jihadists.

We are looking for all of the available evidence. We think, at this point, some of those involved were either linked to the Saudi Government or are being protected by the Saudi government. That is the significance of the detention of the Saudi national and the high-level Obama Administration meetings with the Saudis.

We are releasing a column later in the day on what we believe is actually going on. Simply put, the feds are looking in the wrong places. They are determined to ignore a foreign connection and blame the attacks on right-wing extremists. This is precisely how they mishandled the case of the post-9/11 anthrax letters. They used a flawed "profile" of the perpetrator. History may be repeating itself. That is why it is so important that the Saudi connection be thoroughly investigated. The Saudis involved may actually be connected to Iran. After all, al Qaeda has been known to operate in many different Arab or Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran.

If a white guy is blamed, we will look at that evidence. But I don't see any such evidence at this point. 

The government and the police certainly did have their people in place on the day of the marathon. We have seen those photos, too. But this does not mean that U.S. Government agents planted the bombs. That seems to be what Alex Jones is suggesting. Of course, he also believes that George Bush and a secret cabal were behind 9/11. That gets the Islamist terrorists off the hook.

We know global Islam is a real threat, and that al Qaeda operatives were behind 9/11 AND the post-9/11 anthrax attacks. The latter is where the FBI fell down on the job. We criticize the government when we know their investigations have failed to produce the necessary results. Our next column will examine all of this.

The FBI can always come under White House pressure, and that is the potential problem in this case. This White House does not want to blame Islamists for the Boston massacre.   After all, this administration supports Islamists in places like Egypt, Syria, and Libya.

What happened in Boston is that the Boston police got hold of the Saudi student, who was tackled by a patriotic onlooker, and then he was turned over to the FBI, which took control of the investigation. The FBI is open to White House pressure. And that is why we are apprehensive that all of the leads will not be followed.

Here (above) is Alex Jones on the enemy propaganda channel Press TV, playing into the hands of one of America's biggest Middle East enemies.

We have had his number for quite some time. His website runs material from Press TV.

So please don't fall for the propaganda from Alex Jones. It is certainly strange and disturbing that Matt Drudge and his influential Drudge Report frequently link to Alex Jones and his website.

Instead, help us stop the Al Jazeera terror channel from expanding into more American cities. Help us stop Iranian Press TV and Moscow's Russia Today TV.

Those who play into the hands of these foreign propaganda channels are DUPES, acting as agents of foreign powers that want to destroy us. Going on these channels consciously, knowing they are conduits for disinformation, cannot be defended.

Yes, I know Fox News can be propaganda, too. And I go after them when necessary as well. But at least Fox News is an American outlet.

I suppose it is true that Jones can sometimes serve a valid purpose, when he interviews respectable conservatives. But he too often goes over the edge, and he must be challenged on the hysterics that prevent a complete and objective examination of the facts in such an important matter as the Boston bombings.

It is important to keep our heads clear and focused on the big picture. And that is that we as a nation are under attack from global Islam. Don't forget who our enemies are.

Our enemies are not the police and law enforcement.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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