[ASI] What Motivated the Texas Shooter?

May 20th, 2018 at 9:35 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
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My friends, video games and ritalin are not to blame for school shootings.

Evil forces are real and deadly. Remember the mass murderer who killed the full congregation of helpless innocent worshippers at the Baptist church in Texas on November 5, 2017?  Texas church shooter Devin P. Kelley, who was kicked out of the military after assaulting his wife and child, had dabbled in atheism and the occult, even listing a “psychic medium” on his Facebook page.

School safety expert Dale Yeager notes that the Texas school shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, was obsessed with death and murder. “The focus of his social media was neo-Nazi, Marxist and Occult images.”


His rampage cannot be blamed on rejection by a potential girlfriend.

The killer posted:

Hammer and Sickle=Rebellion, “Rising Sun=Kamikaze Tactics. Iron Cross=Bravery. Baphomet=Evil The latter is associated with the Satanic Temple, which is very active and fighting a Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas.

Violence in schools has risen as the Supreme Court decisions removing prayer and bible readings (1962-63) have taken effect. Just a coincidence I guess. 

We have gun-free and God-free schools. But God-free schools have been enforced while the guns are brought in by those ignoring the “gun-free” prohibitions imposed by the federal and state governments. This is a recipe for disaster.

It also appears he wore a bisexual pride pin on his hat.

Liberals don’t want to acknowledge the collapse of moral values – to the point where they believe waterboarding Islamic terrorists to save lives is wrong, but that dismembering unborn babies is acceptable “choice.”

No wonder evil is on the rise.

David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress says:

Planned Parenthood and their business partners' commodification of our unborn brothers and sisters is an atrocity against humanity that deserves the full attention of the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice.

President Obama was the first sitting President to address Planned Parenthood and its criminal abortion empire. Planned Parenthood markets and makes money from aborted baby body parts.

But of course Obama was against “gun violence.” That’s because he can blame the gun, rather than the person using the gun. In this way he can propose more government control of the law-abiding person who just wants to protect himself, rather than the evil person actually carrying out the violence.

The fact is that our world is consumed by violence, and always has been. Violence is an individual choice, and we must recognize the source – evil minds under evil influences. Tragically, removing God from schools has made the situation far worse.

Now, as mental health expert J.D. Mitschke notes, Christians are being depicted as mentally ill for wanting to return to the days of traditional values and upholding gun rights for the law-abiding.  

Dale Yeager proposes some practical steps:

We are all at risk.

These New Age forces have been unleashed not just on students in “gun-free zones” but on America as a whole. Protect yourselves. Protect your family.

One final note: William J. Murray writes in his book, My Life Without God, that his mother, atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair, was a communist who was ordered after the assassination of JFK to report to an office of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and destroy any references in the files to assassin Lee Harvey Oswald’s involvement with the group. Oswald was a Marxist.

O’Hair was the plaintiff in one of those Supreme Court prayer decisions. Bobby Kennedy’s killer was another Marxist, Sirhan Sirhan, who requested a copy of Helena Blavatsky’s book on the mystical philosophy of Theosophy in his jail cell.

We are neck-deep in a culture of death.

Another warning sign – more marijuana use across the country with the potential to ignite more cases of mental illness and violence.

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