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June 14th, 2013 at 1:19 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival:

I am pleased to see Alan Dershowitz telling the truth about the NSA in a column questioning whether this thing is a "scandal."

He says, "The initial revelation was made by a man named Glenn Greenwald, who wrote about them in The Guardian and has been all over the media taking a victory lap. Greenwald is the personification of the paranoid streak in American politics. He is more of an ideologue than a reporter. He has long been an apologist for terrorism—a word he believes serves only as an excuse for violence and oppression by America and its allies."

I have a column coming out today on this very subject. For the time being, please watch our new short video on the topic:

Greenwald Calls "Weakening of America" a "Very Good Thing"

I have consistently reported the truth. We need the NSA. In fact, we need more, not less, surveillance. But there are some in the conservative media who want to play on your fears about the terrorist surveillance program. They want you to think that YOU have been targeted by the NSA. Nonsense.  This program targets foreign terrorists.

Joe Farah of World Net Daily has a column suggesting that NSA leaker Snowden be given immunity from prosecution. Farah writes, "I don't know whether Snowden is a hero or villain, but there's little question he has performed a public service for informing the American people about the nation's drift toward police-state authoritarianism."

What doubletalk. He doesn't know if he is a hero or villain, but Snowden has "performed a public service" by violating his secrecy agreement and giving this classified information to China and Russia? 

Joe also called Snowden a whistleblower, when the Associated Press won't even go that far. The term implies truth-telling.

Senator Susan Collins asked, "I saw an interview in which Mr. Snowden claimed that due to his position at NSA he could tap into virtually any American's phone call or e-mails. True or false?" The NSA chief said, "False. I know of no way to do that."

Joseph Farah is a good guy but he is off his rocker in this one. Snowden broke the law; he didn't perform a public service. And Greenwald, who sounds like a Marxist, is his media mouthpiece.

Immunity for Snowden? He has got to be kidding.

I normally don't think much of his columns, but Michael Gerson has a good article in the Washington Post on how some other conservative media personalities have distorted the NSA controversy:

Some on the right going too far in NSA criticism

He writes, "Some on the right believe, as they say in the intel business, that they have connected the dots. All the scandals are really part of one big scandal. For [Mark] Levin, it encompasses abuses by the Internal Revenue Service, the collection of DNA by policemen, Obamacare's centralization of medical records and the use of domestic drones."

What these conservatives don't seem to understand is the reason for the "scandal," and the importance of the motives behind people like Glenn Greenwald. They don't want to "reform" the NSA. They want to use the controversy to undermine our ability to track terrorists.  That's why Greenwald is speaking to a gathering of communists and Islamists on an annual basis.

Some conservative media personalities think you want to hear that the NSA is being used by Obama to target YOU. They want to increase your paranoia and fear.

I respect my audience more than that. We need the facts. That's why I wrote this new column on Greenwald:

NSA "Leaks" Journalist Glenn Greenwald Regularly Attends Marxist-Leninist Conferences

You should have nothing but contempt for those in the media, on the right or left, who want to use this controversy for their own political purposes.

Trevor Loudon and I have decided to tell the truth and challenge the rest of the media to follow our lead. We hope you will keep your minds open.

This NSA controversy is NOT another example of Obama's going after you. In fact, Obama probably agrees with his radical left allies, who held a news conference today and want to abolish the NSA.

What we should be talking about is communist surveillance of America and the theft of our national security information. This is the subject Obama avoided at the summit with the Chinese president.

Who benefits from this controversy? China, Russia, and the Islamists who want to kill us.

Don't lose sight of that critical fact. Don't play into their hands with paranoia and delusions.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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