[ASI] Trump Vs. Soros

June 10th, 2018 at 11:25 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Remember the movie, “Stop the World -- I Want to Get Off?” The world is uniting against President Trump. George Soros is off his rocker. The Chicago Tribune says that “rather than recede from public life in his twilight years, Soros has decided to push even harder for his agenda…”

Go to our website www.sorosfiles.com  Our next book on Obama goes into a lot of detail about the Soros plan to spread human suffering, misery, and death through drug legalization schemes. Now watch this:

The Catholic Conspiracy, Catholic activist Elizabeth Yore talks to ASI President Cliff Kincaid about a letter to President Trump seeking an investigation of the Obama Administration, the Vatican, and George Soros-funded “progressive” forces. But can Trump survive? What role are the intelligence agencies playing in the assault on the Trump Administration. “This is a battle for the soul of the United States of America,” Yore says. Some notes on current events:

  • Pope Francis just held another meeting on saving Mother Earth, rather than human souls. Watch my interview with Matt Gaspers:


Watch here

  • Matt draws my attention to a report in LifeSiteNews concerning Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, “Top Vatican cardinal to join elite globalists in secretive 'Bilderberg' meeting.”
  • Will Kim Jong-un defect and bring along information about his Chinese and Russian puppet masters. Wouldn’t that be a nice turn of events?
  • Kim wants a one-on-one meeting with Trump. What is that about?
  • I don’t blame President Trump for being disgusted with Canada’s Justin Trudeau.  He stabbed Trump in the back after Trump had left the meeting.
  • Trump proposed real free trade, through complete eliminate of all tariffs, and they balked. That’s because they want managed trade through international institutions. That favors America’s adversaries. Trump called their bluff.  
  • The Europeans are finished as a world power. They are going Islamic. So is Russia. America has to look out for itself.

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