[ASI] Trump Abandons Roy Moore

November 20th, 2017 at 4:05 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
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President Trump seems determined to help elect a Democrat in the Alabama Senate race. His legislative ade, Marc Short, went on a Sunday show to point out that Trump was not going to campaign for Republican Roy Moore. Newsmax reports that Marc Short said that "obviously if he did not believe that the women's accusations were credible, he would be down campaigning for Roy Moore."

In a column titled, "The Lynching of Judge Roy Moore," Christian filmmaker Eric Holberg has examined the allegations, the atmosphere in Alabama at the time, and writes, "At that time and in that particular old-school, deep-south culture, a 30+ year-old man dating and marrying an 18-year-old would not have raised many eyebrows-particularly when the majority of young ladies his age had been married while he was at West Point, in Vietnam and at law school. In fact, there were any number of mothers who viewed the handsome, West Point and law-school-graduated Moore, with his devout faith and gentlemanly manner, as the ultimate catch for their daughters. And at least one of these mothers and her daughter, whom Moore briefly dated, have stepped up to testify to this."

He concludes, "...the worst thing you can say about Roy Moore’s character: that nearly forty years ago he dated a few teenage women with their mothers' permissions."

But the wild charges, some of them clearly false and fabricated, have taken a toll. The Gravis poll shows Democrat Doug Jones has a 5 point lead, and Fox News has a poll showing Jones with an 8 point lead. Jones favors abortion on demand and transgender rights.

Ultimately, Alabama will decide. If the liberals win there, watch out. Even now, Trump doesn't have a reliable majority in the Senate.

At our November 10 conference, Trevor Loudon outlined the Obama network's plan to turn America into a one-party socialist state. I urge you to watch it.

Watch this:

Obama's Plan for a One-Party Socialist State

Trump seems determined to play into Obama's hands. Amazing.

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