[ASI] Transgender Conservatives

March 1st, 2019 at 11:15 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

To ASI Supporters:

Good news: I was given a press pass to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year. I’ve been going since the days of Reagan. Last year I was denied press credentials. What I saw on Thursday was amazing. One of the stars was Marxist Van Jones, who was fired as Obama’s Green Jobs Czar over his extremism! Look here:

Marxist Van Jones and D.C. lobbyist Matt Schlapp,
chairman of the American Conservative Union, at CPAC.

He was a featured speaker at a “conservative” conference, talking about “criminal justice reform.” That means letting criminals out of prison so they can vote for Democrats. He signed autographs for conservatives. Sad. This demonstrates the left-ward drift of this event. As he walked away from  his fans, I told him to say “Hi” to Angela Davis, the one-time CPUSA member. Davis, a Lenin Peace Prize winner, may be invited to next year’s CPAC. Who knows? She believes criminals are victims of capitalism. She thinks prisons should be abolished.

I said nothing good would come from  the Trump-Kim meeting, and I am happy to say I was right. Forunately, Trump was persuaded to walk away. He should never return.  I said in advance: the communists are tricking Trump. Chairman Kim wants our money in exchange for putting a few nuclear missiles on the shelf. Trump finally recognized that. The problem is not really North Korea, but Kim’s backers in China and Russia. Communism is the problem. Communism is the enemy.

Here’s something else from CPAC – transgender conservatives. They’re nice people, but I can’t call them conservatve.

For America’s Survival,

Cliff Kincaid,




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