[ASI] Top Romney Adviser Lobbies with Clinton Democrats

September 24th, 2012 at 8:27 am EDT

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My column on Romney's losing strategy is posted at Gulag Bound and RenewAmerica.com. Romney's anticipated loss is supposed to set the stage for another Bush, Jeb Bush, to run in 2016 or beyond. Karl Rove is counseling Romney not to go after Obama as a socialist or left-winger. It's as if they are trying to throw the election.

In my column, I talk about the fact that top Romney adviser Ed Gillespie is in business with top Democrats in a "bipartisan lobbying firm." This means they make money no matter who wins. This is the letterhead from his lobbying firm, Quinn Gillespie & Associates (QGA):

Did you notice the names Bill Clinton and Harry Reid, among others?

Tomorrow Romney speaks to the Clinton Global Initiative. Gillespie probably advised him to do that. His partner, Jack Quinn, is a former White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton.

Do you see what is going on here? Romney is moving even further to the left, which seems designed to guarantee a loss in November. He is paying homage to Bill Clinton, the disgraced and impeached president.

Here's how CBS News describes it: "Given that the event is hosted by one of Mr. Obama's strongest surrogates, former President Bill Clinton, Romney will also have the opportunity to dial down the partisan rancor that both parties have fueled and take a statesmanlike tone."

In other words, Romney has to move even further to the left, in order to accommodate the Clintons, Obama, and the media. In that way he will become more "statesmanlike."

Can you believe Romney is falling into this trap? As I argue in my column, it is as if he is trying to lose. Are Gillespie and Rove to be blamed for this losing strategy? Or is it entirely Romney's fault?

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