[ASI] The War on Christians

June 2nd, 2013 at 12:18 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival:

Good news. A homosexual marriage bill has failed in liberal Illinois:

Before I tell you about new videos about the war on Christians, let me talk about my own Christian — my son.  I want to thank you for your comments on my son's success at the National Spelling Bee. He tied for 43rd out of 281, of 11 million participants.

I have posted two videos of his on-stage words that he had to spell. They are short videos that capture the tension and drama of the event. Please click on these two videos:

Christian Kincaid Places 43rd in National Spelling Bee Part One

Christian Kincaid Places 43rd (tied) in National Spelling Bee Part Two

We are preparing two new programs for our Roku channel. One will be LIVE Wednesday night at 9 pm EST and our scheduled guest will be Peter LaBarbera of the Americans for Truth organization. He is an old friend who is leading the fight against the homosexual agenda.

I strongly urge you to get a Roku device so you can tune into our new channel.

As I said earlier, if you think the homosexual movement is unstoppable, think again.  Homosexual marriage just failed in Illinois.

Peter LaBarbera, who is based in Illinois, will be talking about that, as well as a news conference he has scheduled together with several Christian and pro-family organizations in front of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) building at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 4, to express their objections to celebrating homosexual "pride" in June, during the so-called "Gay Pride Month."

According to the release, Matt Barber, Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action, a public policy arm of the international civil rights legal group, Liberty Counsel, will "address the HRC's apparent role in IRS-gate." It says, "HRC is being investigated for allegedly conspiring with IRS officials to illegally obtain private National Organization of Marriage (NOM) documents in an effort to publicly smear the pro-marriage group."

The homosexual movement worked hand-in-glove with the IRS.

In this context, I have posted a new video featuring Janet Porter of Fath2Action discussing the criminalization of Christianity. Click on the links to the videos.

Please watch her discuss government persecution of Christians:

Janet Porter of Faith2Action Takes on the Homosexual Movement

Another new video on our YouTube channel features Jerome Corsi talking about the ACLU's war on Christianity:

Jerome Corsi describes the ACLU's War on God

He also discusses his new book, Bad Samaritans: The ACLU's Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square.

While Christians are being persecuted, the Islamists are making dramatic advances here and abroad. I have posted this video of Frank Gaffney discussing Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of America:

Frank Gaffney on the Muslim Brotherhood

Please take some time to watch these videos, recorded at a recent Tea Party event in Washington, D.C. These videos are new and up-to-date.

And please consider getting a Roku device and connecting it to your TV and Internet. This will enable you to get our new TV channel for free.

We will give you programming you will NOT get on the Fox News Channel.

Send me your thoughts at Kincaid@comcast.net

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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