[ASI] The Russians and Obama

November 25th, 2013 at 7:24 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival:

The Russians seem to be running U.S. foreign policy.

Secretary of State John Kerry says,"We have made a different choice. The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over."

As documented in Ion Pacepa's book, Disinformation, John Kerry was a dupe who parroted communist disinformation about the U.S. military effort to keep South Vietnam free from communism. The"anti-war" movement was manipulated by Communist regimes in Hanoi, Havana, and Moscow.

Now we see U.S. foreign policy, under the guidance of John Kerry and Barack Obama, playing into Moscow's hands.

The Iran deal is part of this pattern. The real power in Iran is Ali Khamenei,"the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution," who was trained by the KGB in Russia at the People's Friendship University, once known as Patrice Lumumba University.

Ali Alfoneh writes,"Khamenei's official biography does not make any reference to the People's Friendship University. This may reflect the truth and Khamenei may not have received any education in the Soviet Union. However, should Khamenei be a People's Friendship University graduate, he has very strong motives to keep it a secret: Admitting university studies in the ‘Godless' Soviet Union would not only deal a serious blow to Khamenei's shaky religious credentials, it would also expose Khamenei to allegations of being recruited by the KGB in the 1960's, as so many Lumumba grads were."

He adds,"It can also not be denied that under Khamenei's leadership, the diplomatically isolated Iran has become more and more dependent on Russia and China."

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Is it any wonder Obama is playing into their hands?

This is not the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy. He was an anti-communist who wanted to overthrow Castro and build up U.S. military power.

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Roger Stone is out with a big load of disinformation, charging LBJ with Kennedy's murder and saying the Russians had no role in the assassination of our president. He has been on RT (Russia Today) TV to spout this nonsense and gave an interview to the Voice of Russia.

Watch my short video on this: Why do the Russians Like Roger Stone's book on the JFK Murder?

It is important to keep our wits and recognize the activities of the enemy. Don't be fooled!

For some important background, please read: The Pro-Soviet Agent of Influence Who Gave Barack Obama His First Job in Politics

And this:

New START and Obama's Mysterious Trip to Russia

Remember what happened to dissident former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko – he was murdered by the Kremlin with polonium. Yasser Arafat met the same fate.

Obama knows what the Russians can and will do to him if he doesn't come through with his promised"flexibility" in global affairs. JFK serves as an example.

These are extremely dangerous times.

Obama is even letting the Russians move into Egypt, once one of our strongest allies.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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