[ASI] The Revolutionary Struggle

November 5th, 2018 at 2:15 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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Last year, at a National Press Club event, America's Survival Inc. revealed how Barack Obama planned to continue his Marxist revolution in America. Trevor Loudon moved the audience with his warning of the left's plan to take the concept of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition and create a new American majority fusing communists, progressive whites, minorities, Islamists and illegal immigrants. All of this has come to pass. We will see the results of this strategy on November 6.

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As  predicted and outlined in our book Permanent Revolution, Obama has campaigned for his "Brown is the New White" candidates and has been joined  in this effort by Oprah Winfrey. We will see on November 6 whether they can defeat Trump's coalition.

J.C. Hawkins, who attended and covered the event, reported:

The goal of its backers is to destroy Judeo-Christian values, isolate conservatives and disrupt the Trump presidency to see that the Trump "Make America Great Again" agenda is prevented from taking hold. Loudon minced no words in portraying this effort as an attempted communist coup. He warned, "If the light of liberty goes out here, it goes out everywhere."

Placing these events in a more global context was Michigan lawyer Constance Cumbey, who discussed the unrelenting drive of globalists like George Soros to create an atheistic system of global governance, using the New Age movement to advance the cause of a global civil society. Cumbey traced the globalist effort's roots back to the Theosophical Society, formed in 1875 to promote a universal brotherhood of man not based on race, culture, religion or any of the traditional ties that bind people together. Its followers had and still have a great interest in the occult and the New Age movements we've seen evolve in modern times."

The New Age Movement, led by Oprah Winfrey,  anticipates the arrival of a Messiah, other than Jesus Christ, to save the world. This is based on a transition into a New World Order via a global religion and one-world economic system commonly called socialism or communism. The Roman Catholic Pope is involved.

The stakes are huge. Before our book on Obama's Permanent Revolution strategy, I wrote about this effort in my report, Politics, the Pope, and the New Age Movement. This report discusses the fact that, on November 18 in 1978, Peoples Temple founder and communist Jim Jones led over 900 in a "revolutionary suicide" at an agricultural commune in a remote part of the South American nation of Guyana.

Jones' personal physician and strong supporter was Dr. Carlton Goodlett, who had a long record of involvement in communist causes, including membership on the presidium of the World Peace Council, a Kremlin front.

I have just received from the FBI some important documents about Goodlett and his Soviet and Cuban connections. I will be reporting on these in the future. 

A hint: it turns out Goodlett had a friend in a major political figure in San Francisco.

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