[ASI] The Return of the Love Generation

March 30th, 2018 at 3:03 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:          

A lesbian couple killed themselves and their adopted children by driving off a coastal highway in Northern California. Local TV station KATU reports that Child Protective Services visited the family's home three times before they died in the crash in California.  The children had been previously identified as “potential victims of alleged abuse or neglect.”

Why were they allowed to “adopt” six children in the first place?

The issue is not how they were killed – by car – but why. If this resulted from gun violence, the media would blame the guns. There is something else at work here. It is a sickness in society.

At a time like this, we need spiritual direction. We are not getting it from what Vic Bioreseth calls Our Left-Leaning Purely Political Pope Francis.

In an article, “The Further Division Coming in the Catholic Church,” Catholic writer Ted Flynn writes, “At the moment we are seeing a full-scale war over the direction of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.” This was written before Pope Francis was quoted as denying the Catholic doctrine of hell. The pope was also quoted as saying, “It is an honor to be called revolutionary." 

My friends, whether you are Catholic or non-Catholic, and whether these quotes are true or not, you know the Roman Catholic Church is in a major crisis.

Our culture is in crisis, too. Consider the tragic case of the prominent LGBT Hart family. Two lesbian “moms” and their six adopted children are dead. Some of the kids had reported being abused. One asked a neighbor for food. Local authorities claim they visited the home on several occasions to investigate possible abuse.

I was struck by what the Oregonian reported:

The Hart family was a regular at Oregon's earthy festivals and shows, according to Zippy Lomax, who met them in 2012 at the annual Beloved festival in Tidewater that celebrates art, mysticism, music and yoga.

Welcome to the New Age movement.

Photo by Hart family friend Zippy Lomax

The Beloved festival is about finding God. High Times featured the festival on its list of places to be. One of the sponsors of the Beloved festival was a marijuana business. Weekend passes were $270.

My friends, I am sure most of these people are nice and harmless. Watch this video of the 2013 event. They sing and dance and have fun.

But the New Age movement can be dangerous. Watch Constance Cumbey’s speech about this movement at our 2017 conference.

They remind me of the 60s’ Love generation. But that culminated in the Manson Family massacre in 1969. Charles Manson had taken a group of young people, subjected them to heavy drug use, and ordered them to commit mass murder. Bernardine Dohrn had praised the followers of mass murderer Charles Manson and Manson himself as a “true revolutionary.” 

Millions of our fellow citizens are becoming members of this New Age movement. They practice meditation or smoke dope to experience God within. One of their techniques is called mindfulness. They were a key part of the Bernie Sanders for president movement.

Perhaps we should call it mindlessness.

It looks like the Hart family was not so much about love but about abuse. The children were starved of real love.

A local paper said, “Court records in Minnesota show that Sarah Hart received a 90-day, suspended jail sentence and a year of probation after her 6-year-old daughter arrived at school in 2010 with bruises on her stomach and back.” The girl told a teacher, "Mom hit me," according to records.

The women, both 39, and their children Markis Hart, 19; Jeremiah Hart, 14; and Abigail Hart, 14, Hannah Hart, 16; Devonte Hart, 15; and Sierra Hart, 12.

Zippy Lomax, the Portland photographer who knew the family, told the Oregonian/Oregonlive.com that the public reaction to one of the kids hugging a white police police officer in a famous photo “overwhelmed the Harts, with negative attention focused on the multiracial family with lesbian parents.”

So the “negative reaction” forced them to their deaths? This doesn’t make any sense.  That doesn’t explain the allaged abuse.

The New York Post said:

Cops say they still have no evidence Jennifer and Sarah Hart deliberately drove their SUV off the road — but have noted that there were no skid or brake marks where the vehicle went over. 

This is very sad. But it’s a wake up call. I repeat the question: so how did they adopt 6 children? Was marijuana involved in these deaths?

Police executed a search warrant Thursday night at the family’s home.

For America’s Survival,

Cliff Kincaid,




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