[ASI] The Nature of "Permanent Revolution"

July 24th, 2018 at 10:24 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

To ASI Supporters:

Barack Hussein Obama is leading a “Rainbow Conspiracy” of immigrants, Islamists, stoners, and New Agers to overwhelm the conservative coalition, take Congress in 2018, and impeach President Trump. That’s one of the messages of our new book, Permanent Revolution: The Secret Life and Legacy of Barack Hussein Obama.Trevor Loudon has written a whole series of articles about it.

Trevor Loudon (left, at ASI conference). Barack Hussein Obama and Steve Phillips, author of the “Brown is the New White” strategy of conquering America.

What we have done in our book is expand the movement beyond Islamists, Marxists, illegal immigrants, and leftists – to New Agers, transgenders, and stoners. Oprah Winfrey is their leader.

We have posted a very interesting review of our book.  “Before this,” says writer Vic Biorseth, “I had thought of Cultural Marxism’s pushing of immorality as more of a side-show, while-you're-at it kind of thing. What you and your colleagues have shown is that it was and is a major strategic target from the beginning, every bit as important as economic redistribution or Collectivism. A vitally important thing to know.”

KGB defector Konstantin Preobrazensky said:

“Dear Cliff: Thank you very much for this wonderful, really wonderful book! I agree with everything and support every single word of it.”

We are spreading the word through our YouTube and Roku show, America’s Survival TV, and our smart phone APP that lets people get access to our news and information.
While most conservative and Christian leaders have sold out -- by endorsing establishment attorney Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court -- we are keeping up the fight. Vic Biorseth changed his mind on Kavanaugh, from supporter to opponent, after watching our shows. About our book, he says:

Permanent Revolution, put out by America's Survival Inc., puts all of Obamunism in a whole new light, showing four (4) distinct ways Obamunism is working to destroy America, with each way authored by a different expert.

  • First, Cliff Kincaid  writes about the new age of Moral Suicide, in which our once common national Judeo-Christian Morality is set on a course of reversing itself, not only through immoral education, immoral journalism and entertainment, but especially through immoral law, through immoral government action.
  • Constance Cumbey then exposes the "New Age", occult, impossibly blended "religions" into a global-qua-individual new Spirituality, displacing Christianity under the influence of billionaire Oprah Winfrey. 
  • Peter LeBarbera's section shows the rise of homosexuality in, public acceptance, in legal protection, and in rising to the level of suppressing actual Constitutional rights in America. All under the impetus of infected education, journalism, show-biz, government and the whole court system. 
  • Tina Trent then writes about Reefer Madness, exposing the sociopolitical drive to legalize marijuana, convince the public of its innocence, and turn as much of the nation into a population of "stoners" as possible. Inevitably leading to the legalization of all other harmful substances, to increase the chemically altered and imbalanced population to impossible-to-control levels. 

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For America’s Survival,

Cliff Kincaid,




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