[ASI] The March for Life

January 18th, 2019 at 5:12 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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The reported imminent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg means another seat on the Supreme Court will open up. This time, let’s get a pro-life judge, not a fraud like Kavanaugh.

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Speaking of frauds, here’s what Senator Mitt Romney tweeted out today on the March for Life:

All human life is sacred and those who #MarchForLife today march in the spirit of compassion and mercy. I share their commitment to laws that protect the innocent and will continue defending the dignity of life.

The truth is that his Romneycare scheme in Massachusetts offered “free” abortions. Read Amy Contrada’s article here. MassResistance reports:  While running for Governor, Romney told Planned Parenthood that he supports:

-  Roe v. Wade
-  State funding for abortions
-  Requiring insurance to cover contraception (in principle, depending on cost) 
-  The "buffer zone" around abortion clinics and "aggressive enforcement" of it
-  Sex education for kids in schools
-  Increased access to emergency contraception (i.e., Catholic hospitals)
-  and more

Romney signs his signature achievement, the RomneyCare health bill, in April 2006. Senator Ted Kennedy, collaborator, stands behind the Governor.

Meanwhile, on the House side, Republican “Leader” and RINO Kevin McCarthy has demoted a conservative and trashed Rep. Steve King for observing that Western civilization is superior to other cultures. Read the story on our website.

But in Massachusetts there is some good news:  Pro-lifer Jim Lyons was elected chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, by a margin of 47-30! Here’s what the Boston Herald said about him:

The colorful Lyons is known for having derailed a transgender-focused bill that would have added a third gender to Massachusetts driver’s licenses — by insisting that 73 “genders” be recognized instead of just the “X” the sponsors were seeking. He also forced the state to admit that it annually doled out $1.8 billion in welfare payments to illegal immigrants. He was well known around the State House for hosting a nativity scene, which drew protests from atheist groups.

The Salem News reported, “The selection of Lyons, who opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, represents a sharp tack to the right for the party’s leadership, which had pursued a moderate agenda under its former leader, Kirsten Hughes.”

For America’s Survival,

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