[ASI] The Kavanaugh Catastrophe

October 6th, 2018 at 6:45 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

To ASI Supporters:

They say the conservative base is energized. Yes, the left was defeated. But the left would have fought anyone nominated by President Trump. We needed a good pro-life woman on the Supreme Court and have instead settled for a flawed establishment Republican and Washington insider with a “centrist” record. Equally significant, he was confirmed without a thorough probe of his drinking habits. The ABA has launched an inquiry into his angry rant about the sex charges.

Don’t get me started about his involvement in the Foster murder cover-up.

On the political level, the Kavanaugh confirmation is a victory for “Big Tent” pro-abortion and pro-gay Republicans but not for conservatives. Judge Brett Kavanaugh pandered for the vote of liberal Never-Trump Republican Senator Susan Collins and got it. He’s in her debt. In her speech endorsing him, she went out of her way to highlight his pro-abortion views and rulings. Please read her remarks.

Collins said Trump was “unsuitable for the presidency” and that “I could not support his candidacy.”

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the nation’s biggest abortion business, gave Collins its 2017 Barry Goldwater Award. (note: Goldwater, the father of modern conservatism, became pro-abortion later in life, when his mental faculties were obviously deteriorating).

Journalists at The Center for Medical Progress “caught Planned Parenthood’s top abortion doctors in a series of undercover videos callously and flippantly negotiating the sale of tiny baby hearts, lungs, livers, and brains.” 

  • Planned Parenthood gave Collins a 72 percent rating on the organization’s congressional scorecard. 
  • The White House sent Lisa Blatt, a liberal, pro-abortion, Hillary Clinton voter to the Senate to testify in favor of Kavanaugh.

A viewer of our video on Brett Kavanaugh and the Foster cover-up said:

Once again Christians and conservatives are getting suckered by the GOP. Some things never change.

Jordan B. Peterson, a hero to many conservatives and a strong critic of the radical left, says, “If confirmed Kavanaugh should step down.” I think his point is that Kavanaugh should step down in order to clear his name. I repeat: We needed a good pro-life woman on the Supreme Court. It is a blown opportunity. It means more business as usual.

For America’s Survival,

Cliff Kincaid,




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