[ASI] The Fiscal Cliff is a Suicide Pact

December 31st, 2012 at 11:05 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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You may remember the name of Zubi Diamond, who told one of our conferences, "Barack Obama is Karl Marx and Louis Farrakhan rolled into one." Zubi is from Africa and came to the U.S. and became a successful businessman here.

Zubi Diamond is the author of a book entitled Wizards of Wall Street. It is about the crash of the U.S. economy in 2008, engineered by George Soros and the hedge fund short sellers, which paved the way for Barack Obama's election. He says, "The hedge fund short sellers serve the cause of Marxism by raiding and looting the invested capital, destabilizing the system, and destroying confidence in the American dream.  Hedge fund short sellers like Soros openly talk about their preference for a communist Chinese-style economic system. Soros says the Chinese regime, under the firm control of the Chinese Communist Party, has 'a better functioning government than the United States.'"

This is the kind of system Obama is trying to create here in the U.S. There will be some capitalism allowed. Overall, however, it will be a top-down Marxist system.

For some background, please read: Who's Behind the Financial Crisis?

I asked Zubi Diamond about the "fiscal cliff" negotiations and he told me the following:

"The Fiscal Cliff is an austerity measure, a suicide pact that Barack Obama tricked John Boehner to accept. It is a tactical strategy Obama devised to manage and preside over the decline of America and its impeding collapse without being held accountable. That's the reason why he is still in a campaign mode."

He says the Republicans "have fumbled and stumbled into a suicide pact with the enemy agent in the White House -- just what the Obama/Soros administration ordered. It is the prelude to the 'double dip' depression in a multi-pronged attack strategy to cut America down to size, to achieve a global balance of power by collapsing our economy."

If you haven't heard Zubi Diamond before, please watch his videos at our Soros Files conference. Read his remarks here.

He goes on to tell me:

"America will never recover from this economic crisis until the specific corrective measures I talked about for the past four years are implemented."

The most important of these measures to protect the capital in capitalism are:   

  • Reinstate and restore the short sale price test regulation known as the uptick rule (to its original condition and not modified).
  • End mark to market accounting and replace it with book value, historic cost accounting.
  • Reinstate the "circuit breakers" and the trading curbs to kick in whenever the Dow Jones industrial average drops 150 points to reduce market volatility and massive panic sell-off in order to allow investors time to think before they act.

He argues that the hedge fund short sellers, who include George Soros, are the reason why the regulations which they removed to collapse the economy will not be reinstated. He adds:

  • They are the reason why the government bailed out the banks and some of the corporations to replace the money they stole.
  • They are the reason for the government wasted stimulus spending to replace the money the stole.
  • They are the reason the Federal Reserve is devaluing our currency, printing money to replace the money they stole.
  • They are the reason for the credit crunch, banks not lending, causing anemic growth.
  • They are the reason why the stock market is now a casino, rigged with fraud and manipulation and the reason for the lack of investor confidence.
  • They are the reason why we are on a fiscal cliff watch. If they did not loot and collapse our economy, choking off and stifling economic growth, adversely affecting both tax revenue and ballooning the deficit, we wouldn't be discussing austerity measures and a fiscal cliff.

Diamond thinks Republicans are playing into Obama's hands. He thinks America needs an alternative to the Republicans and Democrats.

We need a party, he says, which will "restore the structural underpinnings of capitalism." That means "legal protection for the invested capital, home values and home equity value."

None of what is being pursued in Washington will accomplish any of that. The housing market will not be fixed and the stock market will still be subject to manipulation by hedge funds. 

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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