[ASI] The Failure to Impeach Obama

November 4th, 2012 at 12:37 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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At the September 21 AIM "ObamaNation" conference, Rep. Lamar Smith was asked about impeaching President Obama.

He said, "I've been through one impeachment process: I was on the House Judiciary Committee when President Clinton was impeached.  It is a long process: It took two years back then.  You have a high standard to meet, and that is not something that, even if it could be justified, is not something that is going to be accomplished between now and the election.  So rather than answer a hypothetical question, I really think the better answer is to turn the attention to the American people and saying, 'If you feel that strongly about the President, one way to register that discontent is to vote for the other person.'"

This has been the Republican game plan. They are hoping that Obama loses on November 6. But what if the Republican game plan fails?

My follow-up question was:

"Does it further demonstrate the liberal bias of the media that the President who was impeached during that process you just described, Bill Clinton, has been so rehabilitated that he was the featured speaker at the Democratic Convention, and nominated Obama for President?"

Smith replied:

"...that touches on something that I just said recently, which is along the lines of the point you're making, which is, 'Was there a single national media outlet who, when Bill Clinton was giving a major address at the Democratic Convention, mentioned that he was the only President to have been impeached in the last 120 years?'  I don't recall hearing a single national media make that point.  Again, as I said a while ago, ask yourself, 'If this were a Republican former President who had been impeached, don't you think they'd be saying it every other sentence?'"

So what has Mitt Romney's plan been to combat this liberal bias? He has no plan.

Read my column: Romney Won't Challenge Liberal Media Bias

This is why some conservatives call the GOP the "stupid party."  

Romney re-emerged, especially during the final presidential debate, as the old "moderate" Mitt in order to appeal to Democrats and Obama supporters.

The Karl Rove strategy: don't call Obama a socialist because the charge might offend people.

It is possible Romney could still win and win big, if a "silent majority" turns out. Perhaps those people are out there, putting their faith and trust in anybody but Obama. We shall see. But what if the silent majority stays silent on election day because they don't think Romney is truly fighting for them?  

If Obama wins, will the House Republicans then have the spine to pursue impeachment? Or will their excuse for inaction then be that Obama's presidency has been validated by the voters?

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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