[ASI] The FBI Paid the KGB For Dirt

December 14th, 2017 at 11:33 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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The FBI paid for KGB dirt on President Trump. That’s the scandal of our times. Yet, DOJ official Rosenstein won’t tell Congress what he knows about the FBI’s role in paying for this dirt. This is an outrage. Watch Rep. DeSantis question Rosenstein about this. Watch the video here.

Mueller’s Dupes

Last February I wrote the column, “Trump Should ‘Drain the Swamp’ at the FBI Before Terror Strikes Again,” warning about what was to come. Since then, there have been several terror attacks. On top of the FBI’s malfeasance, we have the Special Counsel investigation of Trump. Another outrage.

It’s the FBI that should be investigated. And that includes when Mueller ran the FBI and failed to implement reforms after a Russian agent, Robert Hanssen, was caught. Incredibly, Hanssen worked on FBI counter-intelligence against the Russians! 

We’re starting to get some good oversight from Congress. Me fear is that it might be too little, too late. We have to move quickly.

Please let your friends know about our website and YouTube and Roku TV shows. People only have so much time during the day to get their news and information. Let’s make sure they go to accurate sites.

One website editor said they didn’t run my column on “conservative dupes” for Robert S. Mueller because it would “alienate” readers. In other words, people only want to read what they read elsewhere, confirming what they think they know.

That’s not my approach. I believe in telling the truth. I think you can handle it. And the truth is that several so-called “conservatives” said the Russia-gate Special Counsel had a reputation as a man of honesty and integrity. They included Rush Limbaugh and Andrew C. McCarthy. I simply believe we have to hold them accountable 

Many sites did run my column. Thanks to them. These included NewswithViews.com, GOPUSA, RenewAmerica.com, and others.

Jay Sekulow, one of President Donald Trump's lawyers.

We have been consistently right about Muller and have have done several shows about this “straight arrow” or “straight shooter.”

Watch this show from back in May: Special Counsel Targets Trump in Impeachment Drive

Here’s the description:

Christopher J. Farrell of Judicial Watch examines "Special Counsel" Robert Mueller's atrocious record on the dangers of Islamic terrorism, including the post-9/11 anthrax attacks, and Mueller's close relationship with fired FBI director James Comey. All of this spells serious legal trouble and the possible impeachment of President Trump.

We have posted Larry Klayman’s legal brief to remove Mueller. Why didn’t Trump’s lawyers file this? Klayman says Mueller “wants to take down the president.” That’s clear. Why can’t the president’s lawyers see this?

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