[ASI] The Art of the North Korean Deal?

March 9th, 2018 at 12:51 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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Trump’s announcement on North Korea is perhaps the worst decision of his presidency and compounds the errors of his predecessors. He cannot negotiate with communists in the same way he negotiated with labor unions and city offiicals in New York. That’s because the communists practice the art of dialectics, not the art of the deal. 

Some say there is no harm in talking, and note that President Reagan talked to General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and then walked away without a deal. The Reykjavík Summit was a summit meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev and held in Reykjavík, Iceland,  on October 11–12, 1986.

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In this case, Trump is meeting with the puppet, Kim Jong Un, not the puppet masters in China and Russia.

What people forget is that while the Reykjavik talks collapsed at the last minute, the U.S. eventually signed the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with the Soviet Union. The Russians proceeded to violate the INF agreement. The Trump Administration admits this, but says “The United States remains firmly committed to the INF Treaty and continues to seek the Russian Federation’s return to compliance.” The State Department adds:

The United States does and will continue to abide by its INF Treaty obligations. We call on the Russian Federation to take concrete steps to return to compliance, preserve the INF Treaty, and restore confidence in the role of arms control to manage strategic stability.

So we are letting Russia get away with INF treaty violations and now proceeding with negotiations with North Korea.

Our goal should be regime change in North Korea, Russia, and China.

The announced goal of denuclearization on the Korean peninsula is a pipe dream. The only solution is to redeploy U.S. nuclear weapons to South Korea.

The opposition anti-communist Liberty Korea Party supports the redeployment of U.S. nuclear weapons. Read their proposal here. Hong Joon-pyo, chairman of the Liberty Korea Party, said North Korea is not going to give up its nuclear weapons any time soon and has effectively formed a “socialist nuclear alliance” with China and Russia. He says the United States, South Korea and Japan should establish a “freedom nuclear alliance,” with atomic weapons deployed in all three countries to counter the North Korea threat.

That is the course Trump should have followed.

So-called “denuclearization” can’t be verified. Our intelligence agencies are incompetent and corrupt. If North Korea “sends” its nukes to China or Russia for safekeeping, what have we accomplished?  The deal will be similar to the Iran nuclear deal Trump opposes. Or similar to Obama’s deal with Russia for the “safe” disposal of Syrian chemical weapons.

This is a complete disaster.

Last September I wrote:

Did you know there was a North Korean-South Korean treaty on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula? Under this Joint Declaration, "the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (ROK) agree not to test, manufacture, produce, receive, possess, store, deploy, or use nuclear weapons; to use nuclear energy solely for peaceful purposes; and not to possess facilities for nuclear reprocessing and uranium enrichment."

How did that work out?

Bill Gertz of the Washington Times has listed several of the intelligence failures regarding North Korea:

...the failures included judgments that cast doubt about whether North Korea's nuclear program posed an immediate threat, whether North Korea could produce a militarily useful nuclear bomb, whether North Korea was capable of conducting an underground nuclear test and whether Pyongyang was bluffing by claiming it could carry one out.

Trump has fallen for the bait. He is pursuing a bad agreement that cannot be verified and which will leave the North Korean regime in power.

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For America’s Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President




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