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November 10th, 2018 at 11:36 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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Republicans are making a persuasive case that votes are being stolen or manufactured in Florida. President Trump says the Florida counties under scrutiny have a “history” of fraud. So why didn’t they do something about the fraud before now?

Rick Scott, the GOP Senate candidate, has been governor of Florida since 2011. Brenda Snipes took over the Broward Supervisor of Elections office in 2003 and was appointed by then-Governor Jeb Bush, a Republican. The Orlando Sentinel says she was given the job to steady an office that was reeling from what Bush called “incompetence” and “misfeasance.”

Snipes has been there for 15 years. The paper says, “Long lines and vote counts that continued long after polls closed marred elections in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2012, 2016 and, of course, this year.”

Why didn’t Scott replace her?

J. Christian Adams, President and General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, is a great conservative attorney who sits on the board of the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU). He was on Hannity last night pointing out the ACRU has been uncovering problems in Broward County, Florida, where much of the fraud is allegedly taking place. In fact, the ACRU charges that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes refuses to enforce voting laws.

This is from the ACRU website:

The ACRU sued Broward County, Florida, in 2016 for violating federal election law by failing to maintain accurate voter registration rolls. Following an adverse ruling at the district court level, the ACRU's case is now on appeal at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Florida's Second Largest County, Broward, has more than 100 percent of residents registered to vote. Support the ACRU’s work in Broward County, FL by donating today.

So why didn’t Governor Rick Scott do something about it before now? Why did it take his Senate campaign losing votes in Broward to file a lawsuit?  

Scott could have removed Snipes from office. Indeed, the Sunshine State News reports:

Tim Canova, the Bernie Sanders-backed progressive who ran against U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, begged Gov. Rick Scott to remove Broward Supervisor of Elections Snipes from office after she defied a judge's order and illegally destroyed paper ballots from the 2016 election. Scott didn't remove her.

Canova is a professor at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law. Watch this video: Tim Canova Speaks Out For Election Integrity

In their rush to charge vote fraud, too many on the conservative side fail to hold conservative politicians accountable.

In addition to breaking election law when they destroyed ballots from the 2016 election 12 months after it, instead of the 22 months required by federal law, the Orlando paper added other problems in Broward included:

  • Election results in the 2016 primary were posted on the elections office’s website before polls closed, another violation of election law.
  • In 2012, almost 1,000 uncounted ballots were discovered a week after the election.
  • In 2004, some 58,000 mail-in ballots were not delivered to voters, leaving election officials to scramble to send new ones.

J. Christian Adams was a member of President Donald Trump's Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity before it was terminated by Trump itself.  The vice-chairman chairman, Kris Kobach, just lost the race for governor of conservative Kansas.

Scott points out:

"Late Tuesday night, our win was projected to be around 57,000 votes.
"By Wednesday morning, that lead dropped to 38,000.
"By Wednesday evening, it was around 30,000.
"This morning, it was around 21,000.
"Now, it is 15,000.” 

But keep in mind that Rick Scott has the authority to remove Snipes and Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections in Palm Beach County, Florida, right now.

The solution, as Canova says, is 100 percent hand-marked paper ballots counted by hand in public.

So why didn’t Scott act before now? Send me your thoughts Kincaid@comcast.net

For America’s Survival,

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