[ASI] Silence Will Not Help Us

June 19th, 2018 at 10:41 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

“Silence will not help us.”

President Trump’s zero tolerance policy is exactly what we need to deter illegal activities on the border.  We have to prevent the United States from becoming a “----hole” country like those south of the border. Go to the website for Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

Son Brutally Killed by Illegal Alien

They are doing to America what they have done to Europe. In response to Catholic Cardinal Sean O’Malley attacking the Trump Administration over “the separation of families,” one parishioner replied:

Did you issue this same statement when Barack Hussein Obama enforced the exact same policy? Why does your statement FAIL to consider the countless preventable deaths caused by illegal aliens of innocent Americans? What about our kids? Have you asked for public prayers for Kate Steinle? Did you attend her funeral? What about Matthew Denice and his mourning family? Did you attend his funeral? What about our dreams? Are you aware that illegal immigration's cost is bankrupting America? Are you in favor of bankrupting America? What about the MS-13 members invading our public schools? Why are you endangering America's public safety? Why should our kids be held back by kids next to them who do not speak English? Why should our kids be exposed to unvetted immigrants who are possibly carrying fatal communicable diseases? Why don't you mention any of these things in your immigration statement?

“Silence will not help us” is the cry of Ugandan Christian minister Martin Ssempa, who had issued a strong rebuttal to President Obama’s criticism of his country for considering passage of a law to discourage and punish certain homosexual practices. “Sodomy is neither the change we want nor can believe in,” said Ssempa. He added that Obama has an “obsession with the spread of sodomy in Africa.” Well, Christian pastor Martin Ssempa is back, and he has written a book about his battle with Obama. Watch this video.

Judge Napolitano and Charles Payne of Fox News are fools who ignore the social costs of legal dope and the fact that the Mexican cartels are moving into California and Colorado under the cover of legalization. Napolitano falsely claims law enforcement wants legalization. Read the article: Mexican drug cartels are taking full advantage of Colorado's marijuana laws

Fox News personalities promote legal dope. Watch here.

Please, somebody, get to President Trump and stop this madness about legalizing dope.
Look at this: Foreign cartels embrace home-grown marijuana in pot-legal states. Foreign gangs are finding that black-market marijuana is profitable even in states that have legalized cannabis.

Didn’t they tell us that legal dope would eliminate the black market?

And consider this: Former Mexico President Vicente Fox, who calls himself a soldier in the global campaign to legalize marijuana, is joining the board of High Times magazine to advance his agenda.

Keep the illegals out. Keep the drugs out. Build the wall. Silence will not help us.
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For America’s Survival,

Cliff Kincaid,




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