[ASI] Russia, Roof, and Frank Marshall Davis

June 24th, 2015 at 2:49 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Tonight on America’s Survival TV on Roku we interview the black scholar and pro-communist writer who originally revealed Obama’s relationship with Frank Marshall Davis back in 2007. Gerald Horne discusses Obama’s relationship with Davis, a hard-core member of the Communist Party USA, and responds to my questions about his own possible membership in the CPUSA. Watch on Roku or  CLICK HERE TO WATCH TONIGHT OVER THE INTERNET AT 9:00 PM EASTERN.

Meanwhile, my new column examines the curious fact that Charleston shooter Dyllan Roof’s “Last Rhodesian” website was registered in Russia! I ask Professor Horne about this as well. Watch the show to see his response. And read my column:

A Russian Link to the Charleston Massacre?

Don’t miss Professor Gerald Horne’s appearance on America’s Survival TV tonight.

For background on why the Russians are mixed up with a racist like Roof, please read The Secret Russian Role in Global Conflict. Better yet, order our book, Back From the Dead: Return of the Evil Empire. This book has all the information about Russian cultivation of American conservatives, for the purpose of making inroads into the right-wing movement in the U.S. It is a very dangerous development.


For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President


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