[ASI] Rupert Murdoch Backs Obama's Gun Grab

December 22nd, 2012 at 8:21 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival:

I need your help in getting to the bottom of what really happened at the Sandy Hook School. Was the semiautomatic Bushmaster used in the massacre, or not? There are conflicting reports. Was it found in the school? Or the trunk of his car? Or was the weapon found in the trunk of the car a shotgun? Or some other gun?

This video looks at some of the inconsistencies.  Some film footage appears to show a long gun being taken from the trunk. Is it a shotgun? Or the Bushmaster semiautomatic? This video shows another angle. This CNN video reports that the Bushmaster semiautomatic was found in the car, not in the school.

If you send me any reports, Kincaid@comcast.net please include their links and original sources.

Whatever the results of our on-going investigation, we have to continue to expose those pushing deliberate misinformation, or disinformation.

My latest column notes that "conservative" Rupert Murdoch is spreading false information about the killings. He wants Obama to outlaw "automatic" weapons, when none was used. Read it here:

 Rupert Murdoch Backs Obama's Gun Grab

I have also posted the NRA's statement on the tragedy.

Gallup finds that more than half (53%) of Americans say that an "increased police presence would be very effective." This is one of the NRA's proposals. "This action is at the top of the effectiveness list," Gallup reports.

This makes complete sense. We need more guns in the right hands. We must protect our children, not by taking guns away from the law-abiding, but making sure more good people have them.

By the way, the person who disrupted the NRA's press conference is not a "peace activist." She is Marxist activist Medea Benjamin, a friend of communist bomber Bernardine Dohrn. Benjamin's group makes regular trips to Cuba and Venezuela.

Medea Benjamin of Code Pink disrupted the NRA's press conference. Here she is protesting support for Israel.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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