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November 22nd, 2011 at 1:35 pm EDT

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If you have some free time, please take a look at our new website www.sorosfiles.com and our brand new article,  Soros-funded Campus Protests Escalate, with a focus on what is happening at UC Davis, where the "students" were pepper-sprayed.

Speeches from our October 27 conference on "The Soros Files" are available.  

Our site is the leading source of information on this topic and I have assembled an excellent team, including Tina Trent and Trevor Loudon, to update it on a regular basis.

A former FBI informant in the Weather Underground, Larry Grathwohl told our conference, "The Congress can begin by investigating Obama Administration links to the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement and related mobs, which include assorted Marxists, communists, socialists and anarchists. Let this be a teaching moment as to how the violence of the 1960s and 70s that I witnessed first-hand can return with a vengeance. Let us hope that we act and stop this madness before it is too late."

Read his remarks here.

This was our third major conference this year.

These were:

  • April 1, "Al-Jazeera, Global Jihad, and the Suicide of the West."
  • June 28, "Traitors, Spies and Terrorists: America's Internal Security Crisis."
  • October 27, "Soros Files" Conference.

The situation is serious, as Obama encourages lawlessness and the revolutionary movement is making inroads on college campuses. It is like a rerun of the 1960s. A case in point is the media uproar over police using pepper spray at UC Davis protesters.

Former FBI agent Rick Hahn, a speaker at one of our conferences, points out that UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi should be encouraged to stand behind the cops in the pepper spray incident. He notes:

Pepper spray is  a way to make persons comply.  It is harmless, wears off in a short time, and can avoid more serious injury to the arrestees and the officers.  There should be a cry to her to tell her the police action was reasonable in my view.  Had the officers not sprayed these folks, could they have arrested the few they did without serious injury?  No one can answer that, but certainly, the spray is a way to take non-compliant persons and make them less combative, thus favoring an uneventful arrest in terms of injury.

What's worse, Obama announced that both the NATO and the G8 summits will be held in May 2012 in Chicago, where anarchists and communists are mobilizing to shut them down. CANG8, the United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC), submitted a permit application for Daley Plaza, one of the few large venues for protest in the Loop, as Chicago's downtown is known. MB Real Estate emailed Joe Iosbaker, Chicago spokesperson for UNAC that, "Unfortunately we are not approving any permits for the use of the plaza May 15th-22nd."

Iosbaker, a communist and official of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), responded that, "We have the right to march against NATO's wars, such as Afghanistan and Libya, and against the G8 agenda of imposing poverty on working people from Greece to Chicago."

Joining CANG8 were speakers from the communist National Lawyers Guild, SEIU Local 73, the American Friends Service Committee and Pat Hill of the African American Police League. They are planning on bringing bring tens of thousands to Chicago to march on May 15 and 19.

Marxist Joe Iosbaker

Joe Iosbaker and Stephanie Weiner, who are husband and wife, had their homes and offices raided because of suspicions that they were providing support to foreign terrorist organizations. Both of them have been associated with the Marxist-Leninist Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) and the Chicago New Party that included Barack Obama.

FRSO is one of several U.S.-based communist groups affiliated with a global organization known as the International Communist Movement. Other American affiliates are the Communist Party USA, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Progressive Labor Party, and the Workers World Party.

One of the listed endorsers of the G8/NATO protests is "William Ayers — Retired UIC faculty member, activist in 1960s Students for a Democratic Society."

The head of the Chicago police union, Michael Shield, said in a city club speech that there has been rioting at recent G8 meetings. "Why on earth are we doing this?" said Shield. "If we struggle to stop 14-year-olds from shooting each other, how prepared are we for professional rioters and agitators in this town?"

Hahn, a veteran of the FBI's battles against domestic terrorists and communists, took issue with reports by Brian Williams of NBC and other media glorifying the protesters at UC Davis. He said, "Perhaps Brian Williams and much of his audience are too young to remember the beatings by fisticuffs and billy clubs that marked the various confrontations between police and demonstrators in the 1960s, but I remember well.  Heads were beaten, arms were broken, and people were kicked, bitten and bloodied in physical contests of arrest and resist between police and demonstrators.  It was ugly, and I'm sure that many of the demonstrators and police still carry the damage from those wounds to this day."

Some of those confrontations were engineered by members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), whose leaders had been to Cuba to learn tactics of confrontation and even guerrilla warfare. It is time to examine who and what is behind the "Occupy" movement and why billionaire George Soros is financing it. We will do so.

In her piece in the Tribune-Review about the anti-police groups, Tina Trent notes:

While it has become a cliche to say so, every one of these organizations enjoys funding from hedge fund operator George Soros, who also donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to subsidize Ruckus Society workshops teaching rope skills and building-invasion techniques. Soros money also flows through his Open Society Institute into Critical Resistance and the Center for Constitutional Rights' so-called Movement Support Coalition.

Tina is currently writing a major report on this topic, going into detail about such funding.

In terms of our own funding, we rely on you. Can you help? Please go here to contribute to America's Survival, Inc. The Soros Files is one of our projects.

Thank you for your interest and support.

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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