[ASI] Remember Larry Sinclair?

March 28th, 2018 at 10:42 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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We’ve been treated to weeks of coverage about President Trump and Stormy Daniels. Consider the case of Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair, a man who claims to have had sex with Obama. The critics say Sinclair produced no evidence. All that Stormy Daniels has at this point is a photo with Trump standing next to her. He took many photos like this with various people. She cites a non-disclosure agreement and a payment. But we’re not sure what she knows, and whether it’s relevant to anything. A former Playboy model also claims an affair with Trump. I think most people knew Trump was a Playboy before he ran for the presidency.

We only recently learned about Obama’s picture with Louis Farrakhan. This was covered-up for 13 years. This is relevant because of Obama’s hate-whitey approach to politics. Of course, he ran for office as a committed Christian devoted to racial harmony.


The Washington Examiner says “Sinclair’s gender does not match Obama’s reported preference.” Yet, Obama’s presidency was characterized by relentless efforts to normalize homosexality and transgenderism. We also know that his mentor, communist Frank Marshall Davis, was a pedophile.

My friends, our investigation into Obama’s mysterious background continues.

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In a Facebook post, Sinclair comments on the Examiner story being picked up by Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire site and posted under the headline, Guy Who Said He Had Sex With Obama Is Pissed Stormy Daniels Is Mainstream Media Darling:

Contrary to the claims of Dailywire reporter Amanda P in a complete fabrication today I am neither pissed nor furious over the media coverage of porn star turned political blackmailer Stormy Daniels.

Washington Examiner reporter Steven Nelson reached out to me asking my opinion on the matter and I gave it. While Mr Nelson accurately quoted my responses to his questions, including what advice I would give journalist, the Dailywire a Ben Shapiro (former Breitbart employee) online publication chose to use the Examiners article and add the fabricated claims in the headline and article that I was furious.

This is why I tell people you can’t just share stuff because you think it’s real, but you have to research everything because so many so called journalist are simply lazy liars.

I am far too busy putting families in their own homes as owners and restoring a community to have time to give a **** about the media circus around two women who are best known for sex movies and taking their clothes off.

So please if you have any belief in truthfulness and facts the Dailywire doesn’t seem to believe in either but rather false headlines and claims.
Ben Shapiro if Andrew were alive today he would call you out over allowing this to be published.

I think Larry Sinclair’s story needs to be pursued. Don’t you?

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