[ASI] Religious Rights and Judge Kavanaugh

September 8th, 2018 at 11:57 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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The Kavanaugh nomination will be voted on September 13 and there has been a dramatic development.

On Friday I interviewed attorney Arthur A. Schulcz, Sr. about Kavanaugh’s record on religious liberty. What I discovered is that Kavanaugh, a Catholic, ruled against Evangelical and Pentecostal Chaplains. I have posted a summary of the case. There is no religious test for public office, but this case demonstrates an animus against non-Catholic denominations by Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

The attorney declares the evidence shows that Kavanaugh is “hostile to military personnel, religious liberty, specifically for evangelical Christians, while protecting illegal Catholic preferences. Those decisions should disqualify him for the Supreme Court.”

Schulcz has sent letters on this matter to Democratic and Republican Senators without hearing back from any of them! Look at the facts: Judge Kavanaugh’s Record on Religious Liberty Disqualifies Him for the Supreme Court

It appears nobody on Capitol Hill wants to challenge the power of the Catholic hierarchy and its hold over Judge Kavanaugh.

The good news is that Catholic Family News has published my article critical of Kavanaugh’s record on abortion and other matters. Catholic Family News is an honest Catholic publication that I highly recommend.

There is still time to make a difference. Should I film  a TV interview with attorney Arthur A. Schulcz Sr.? Do you want me to go the extra mile to uncover the details about this aspect of the Kavanaugh record?

Meanwhile, a liberal site has now published, Deep State: Kavanaugh Covered-up Murder of Vince Foster, which is a sign of progress. The author Garland Favorito looks at the Kavanaugh nomination as a major move in a chess game with the Deep State. He writes:

Combined they reveal a tacit deep-state chess match being played by Donald Trump and Senate Democrats at Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing. But don't expect senators to seriously question Kavanaugh about it or the national news media to accurately portray it.

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