[ASI] Religion of Peace Threatens More Violence

September 19th, 2012 at 9:37 am EDT

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Pamela Geller has an important column at World Net Daily: OBAMA'S SHARIAH-INSPIRED WAR ON 1ST AMENDMENT

This issue is far more important that what Romney said months ago about the 47 percent. It is far more important than what Obama said years ago about redistribution of income. We know Obama is a Marxist. What's new?

What's new is that our First Amendment rights are under attack. Obama has sold us out and Romney isn't saying a word. He must speak out.

Geller writes that "...the riots have everything to do with America and U.S. policy. They are about freedom of conscience and freedom of speech: they're an attempt to get the U.S. to shut down free speech and criminalize criticism of Islam, in accord with Shariah blasphemy laws. And the Obama administration is responding by putting a huge target on the head of the First Amendment (and on that of every U.S. citizen who exercises that constitutional right). This is a constitutional coup."

This is what we should be talking about. This is what Romney should be talking about.

The latest "incident" is that a satirical Parisian weekly called Charlie Hedbo has published what the media call "crude caricatures" of the Prophet Muhammad. Once again, the Islamic fanatics have their underware in a twist. This magazine had its offices firebombed last year after it published an edition entitled "Sharia Hebdo" and described it as "guest edited" by the Prophet Mohammed.

Today, its offices are surrounded by police, fearful of more violence against the publication.

The AP says there is a "debate about the limits of free expression" that is underway around the world.

That is what the Islamists want. I say to hell with the Islamists. We must stand up for freedom of speech.

Here is the "offensive" cover:

Can you believe violence is being threatened over THAT? The headline is, "You mustn't mock," a barb at the Islamic thought police. Muhammad is the old man in the wheel chair.

Can you believe they call it a "religion of peace?"

Do we have the freedom to criticize this violence-prone religion? Our rights are hanging in the balance.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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