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May 11th, 2012 at 3:05 pm EDT

Dear Friend of America's Survival, Inc.:

I was at the Washington Post annual meeting on Thursday and will soon be posting the results. I had several notable exchanges with Post brass. The paper is in desperate shape. And I am not just talking about it's notorious liberal bias.

Meantime, we have posted several new articles.

With the focus on what Romney did as a high school student, we have posted:

In this article Paul Kengor goes into detail about Barack Obama’s relationship as a teenager to Communist Frank Marshall Davis. He quotes me in this piece:

Why isn't the mainstream media asking any questions about Obama’s troubling high school years under the tutelage of Frank Marshall Davis? In fact, why isn’t the Washington Post?

Worse, it isn't like the Post hasn’t looked into those years. Quite the contrary, in 2008, the Post placed star reporter David Maraniss—who in the 1990s did wonderful reporting on President Bill Clinton—on the story. Maraniss jumped all over those years, but he completely ignored Davis.

Specifically, Maraniss's research produced a 10,000-word piece for the Post, titled, "Though Obama Had to Leave to Find Himself, It Is Hawaii That Made His Rise Possible." It ran in the August 22, 2008 edition. The article was so in-depth that it prints 17 pages. And yet, among all those words on Obama's upbringing in Hawaii, there was not a single mention of Frank Marshall Davis; yes, not one mention. This was a slight that Obama himself could not do in his memoirs "Dreams from My Father," where Obama mentions "Frank" by name 22 times, plus numerous additional references.

Personally, I like Maraniss. I’ve used his work in my writings, research, and in courses at Grove City College. I respect him. So does Cliff Kincaid, who has compiled and posted a lot of research on Frank Marshall Davis. In 2008, Kincaid emailed Maraniss regarding his article and neglect of Davis. Maraniss is a gentleman, and had the courtesy to respond. He justified his omission of Davis by telling Kincaid that he believed Davis’s role had been "hyped," overstated, including "by Obama himself."

This is a strange statement. Apparently, even Obama’s own words (many of them) on Davis's influence can be dismissed by reporters who do not want to touch this subject. I’m certain that Maraniss, like David Remnick and Jon Meacham and other Obama biographers, is afraid to deal with Davis's communism because of the criticism it would bring from fellow journalists. If these liberal journalists (I like all three of them) touch the likes of Davis's scary political past, they’ll be brutalized by their liberal colleagues for hurting Barack Obama. Given the liberal/progressive circles that these journalists frequent, they are right to be afraid.

Please also read:

We have a firm date for our conference: July 19. Put it on your calender. And start making arrangements to come to the nation's capital. I will be giving more details in the days and weeks ahead.

Our confirmed speakers include:

  • Paul Kengor, author of the new book, The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, the Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor.
  • Joel Gilbert, director of the new film, "Dreams from My Real Father."
  • Konstantin Preobrazhensky, former Soviet KGB officer.
  • Jeremy Segal, blogger who captured Rep. Danny K. Davis on film discussing his acceptance of an award from the Communist Party USA.
  • Larry Grathwohl, former FBI informant in the Weather Underground.
  • Trevor Loudon, anti-communist blogger from New Zealand.

Send me your thoughts at Kincaid@comcast.net

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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