[ASI] Obama's Plan to Spread Russian Influence in the Middle East

September 24th, 2014 at 11:29 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
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Our show with J.R. “Jeff” Nyquist, postponed from last week, is on tonight.

TV Tonight:
Putin’s Plans for the World and Obama’s Plan to Spread Russian Influence in the Middle East

Soviet/Russia Expert J.R “Jeff” Nyquist will be on the "America’s Survival TV” Roku show with Cliff Kincaid and Jerry Kenney TONIGHT September 24.  We will take a look at Obama’s phony war on the Islamic State (ISIS) and his plan to open the door to Russian influence in the Middle East.

In my new column, Russian Influence Operations Target Americans, I note that in an article on his congressional website, Kremlin apologist Rep. Dana Rohrabacher basically advocates abandoning Ukraine while making a deal to get Moscow’s help to defeat Islamic terrorism. “We must let Ukraine rest, its leaders sorting out its destiny with Moscow, while we find common but limited cause with Putin,” he says.

I conclude:

That may come to pass, if the experts are correct that Obama’s strategy to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) is doomed to fail. Such a move could, in turn, lead to more Russian influence in the Middle East.

Once again, Obama seems to be following Moscow’s script.

If you don’t have Roku, you can watch on the Internet and your computer by clicking here at 9:00 pm Eastern Wednesday night.

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If you missed Jeff’s previous appearance on “America’s Survival TV,” please click on the above image.

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