[ASI] Obama Saves the World from Oblivion

September 9th, 2013 at 8:47 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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In response to a John Kerry "gaffe," the Russians say they will accept "international control" — United Nations control — of Syria's chemical weapons. Obama should eagerly accept that proposal. After all, Obama wants the U.N. to control everything anyway. And he had threatened to go to war to enforce "international norms." So turning things over to the U.N. makes complete sense, from the point of view of Obama and Putin.

It's almost as if this whole thing has been planned out this way.

Obama likes the Russian idea.

World Federalists have long advocated world government. One of them, Harvard Law Professor and international lawyer Louis B. Sohn, offered a detailed proposal to transform the United Nations into a world government in his book, World Peace Through World Law. Sohn said that he wanted this world government to maintain hundreds of thousands of troops, military bases, and be armed with nuclear weapons. The purpose, he said, would be to disarm "each and every nation and to deter or suppress any attempted international violence." This "world authority" would also require a "United Nations Revenue System," drawing taxes from "each nation" of the world, he said.

I wrote about much of this in my two books on the U.N., Global Bondage: The U.N. Plan to Rule the World, and Global Taxes for World Government.

In the Middle East, this means disarming Israel and giving the U.N. control of its nuclear weapons. That is the only way, from the viewpoint of the one-worlders, to persuade Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program and bring "peace" to the Middle East.

The Syrians have accepted the new Russian plan and Obama would be clever to do so as well.

Of course, the issue isn't the chemical weapons; the issue is al Qaeda and the genocide of Christians in Syria and the Middle East.

As I say in my new report, one leading Catholic thinker told me that while Obama is coming across as indifferent to the suffering and plight of Christians in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking like "a potential good guy" by speaking up for the rights of persecuted Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Read my report by clicking here.

Putin is one smart and clever international operator. 

It's still not clear, however, that this proposed deal will be accepted by Obama. After all, he is dedicated to the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, and Assad and the Russians stand in his way.

My pastor said on Sunday that if Obama goes ahead with his military strikes, we are facing the possibility of World War III. Such a conflagration could greatly diminish the power of the U.S. in global affairs. Assad says, "Expect everything" in retaliation.

But if Obama gets a Russian/Syrian deal on U.N. control of Syrian weapons, the pressure on the Congress to accept or even ratify the agreement would be immense.

Whether it's giving the U.N. more power or authority in world affairs, in the name of taking control of Syrian chemical weapons, or Obama going ahead with military action to enforce "international norms," the winner is — international law and the United Nations!

The U.N. wins no matter what.

Again, the ultimate target is Israel.

Former President Jimmy Carter once said, "While the international community is justified in exerting strong pressure on Iran to comply with the Non-Proliferation Treaty, there is no public effort or comment in the United States or Europe calling for Israel to comply with the Non-Proliferation Treaty or submit to any other restraints. At the same time, we fail to acknowledge what a powerful incentive this is to Iran, Syria, Egypt, and other states to join the nuclear community."

What Carter seems to be saying is that Israel must be disarmed of its nuclear deterrent as part of the process of stopping the Iranian nuclear weapons program. That is the U.N. approach as well. This is Obama's plan, too.

At the end of the process, it is possible that the Jewish state could embrace a U.N. plan for Middle East peace, including a nuclear-free Middle East. At least that is what Obama (and Putin) are pushing for.

This is the "end-game."

The big problem is that it will be a false peace.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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