[ASI] Obama Blames "Whitey"

November 28th, 2014 at 1:44 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

The potheads are having hallucinations over my column picked up by World Net Daily. Click here to read.

The dopers won’t concede that marijuana fueled the riots, as well as Michael Brown’s assault on Police Officer Darren Wilson.

But filmmaker Joel Gilbert, whose new film examines the drug culture, read my piece and commented, “Brown had already been shot by the officer in the hand at the car.  Only a person high out of his mind would then charge a person holding a gun.”

That’s what Michael Brown did. This was real “reefer madness.”

You can order Joel’s film “There’s No Place Like Utopia” by clicking here.  

We just posted my interview with Oleg Atbashian of the People’s Cube. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

Oleg and I talk about the way out of our current crisis, as our Marxist President presides over the latest example of “dialectical progress” – the riots in Ferguson.

Remember that Obama was a heavy marijuana smoker, a member of the “Choom Gang.” That, plus Marxist ideology, drives his “perspective.”

For Obama, Marxist “progress” comes through division and turmoil. This is his plan. This is the Marxist “dialectic” in action. He won’t hold Michael Brown’s parents responsible for raising a drug-crazed thug. Instead, all the blame is being put on Wilson for defending himself. 

Regarding Obama’s remarks after the announcement of the decision by the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri, Jared Taylor commented:

The president did not have one word of criticism for Michael Brown. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to get high on marijuana and commit strong-arm robbery. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to punch a policeman. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to try to grab an officer’s gun. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to head towards a policeman who has already fired a few shots at you. People who do those things—whatever their race—have an excellent chance of being shot, and that’s exactly as it should be.

For Obama, however, the problem is the white police officer and the white power structure. Michael Brown’s death is a Marxist tool he will use to turn even more of our cities and communities over to criminal elements.

Not surprisingly, the “Smoking Gun” website reports that Michael Brown’s stepfather Louis Head “is an ex-convict whose rap sheet includes two felony narcotics convictions, according to state records. He pleaded guilty in 1997 to a marijuana distribution charge…” he’s the thug who yelled “Burn this bitch down” after Wilson was exonerated.

Did Brown get the dope from his stepfather? Where did he get the dope? Why isn’t Eric Holder’s Justice Department investigating this?

The same Smoking Gun website reports that Brown’s mother is named in a police report as one of the “attackers” who beat and robbed vendors selling commemorative Michael Brown t-shirts. Read the police report here.

The New York Daily News has also reported on this. “The mother of Michael Brown could be charged with felony armed robbery for allegedly attacking people in a Ferguson, Mo., parking lot because they were selling T-shirts honoring the late teenager,” it says.

The problem in Ferguson is a black criminal element that included Michael Brown and apparently includes current members of his family.

In true Marxist fashion, Obama would rather blame “whitey.”

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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