[ASI] Now They're Attacking Christian Teenagers

January 22nd, 2019 at 10:37 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

To ASI Supporters:

Thomas Lifson of American Thinker notes that former conservative Bill Kristol quietly deleted his tweet about the March for Life MAGA hat teenagers from Covington, Ky., supposedly harassing a Native American beating a drum. It was fake news. A total hoax. Lifson adds, “C'mon, Bill – man up and admit your mistake, and apologize to the innocent kids whose lynch mob you eagerly joined.” Julie Kelly at American Greatness has a list of other conservatives who fell for the hoax, including at National Review. My recent show on the “Coming Persecution of Conservatives” tells more of the story.

Turns out that the Native American who had that “confrontation” with the Catholic high school students, Nathan Phillips, appears in a “hemp and cannabis” education campaign.  It also turns out the Native Youth Alliance gets money from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The Indian was part of an “Indigenous Peoples March” sponsored by the Romero Institute

Oh my gosh. Who dat?

This is where it gets interesting. The Romero Institute is run by people once associated with the Christic Institute. I debated Danny Sheehan of the Christic Institute on C-SPAN many years ago about a frivolous lawsuit they filed against some American patriots, including Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub, Maj. Gen. Richard V. Secord, Adolfo Calero and 26 others who had been fighting communism in Central America or who had military or intelligence backgrounds. On February 2, 1989, Judge James Lawrence King ordered the Christic Institute to pay five of the defendants over a million dollars to cover their legal fees and costs. This was done under federal civil rule 11, which provides for sanctions against those who file frivolous lawsuits.

As we move forward, one can see that the fake conservatives are a big part of the problem. Last night, Laura Ingraham had on Glenn Greenwald, one of traitor Edward Snowden’s collaborators, to talk about the case of the Christian teens.  He blamed them and the leftist agitators equally for the incident. All the teens did was stand their ground and refuse to be intimidated.

Here’s what Ingraham for some reason doesn’t want you to know: Greenwald works hand-in-glove with the International Marxist movement against the United States and its allies. Greenwald spoke to various Socialism conferences and ended the evening of a conference on July 3, 2011, as part of a plenary entitled “Revolution and imperialism in the Middle East.” Prior to Greenwald’s talk to the group, people in attendance chanted “Palestine will be free.”


Why is “conservative” Fox News giving this guy a platform? This “Glenn” and “Laura” show is sickening.

We have over 300 videos on our Roku channel. They are solidly conservative. Broadcaster Jerry Kenney has just updated all of them to the highest technical standards. My thanks to Jerry for this big job.

I sometimes watch Newsmax TV and see commercials for marijuana or movies about Marilyn Monroe. It is another big disappointment.

My friends, you must go outside of the “conservative” media establishment to get the truth. When The Weekly Standard went down, Bill Kristol found another sugar daddy to start up his “The Bulwark” website that’s full of anti-Trump propaganda. He found $1 million for this enterprise from a mysterious donor and I am struggling to keep my websites and organization alive, asking for $25 or more. I can’t go on another year at this rate. I will close everything down. I will have to.

I would prefer to leave my children a free country.

For America’s Survival,

Cliff Kincaid,




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