ASI News 27 May 2009

May 27th, 2009 at 8:40 am EDT

Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Professor Bill Ayers Exposed as Educational Fraud

A new report from a watchdog group says that the educational methods of Professor Bill Ayers constitute Marxist brainwashing.  The analytical and scholarly report by Professor Mary Grabar is the first systematic analysis of what lies behind Ayers’ title as a “Distinguished Professor of Education” and Academic Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Grabar says that Ayers’ educational philosophy of “social change” consists of “recycled Stalinist strategies of undermining American culture and education in order to bring about revolution.” She asserts that, “Ayers regards testing and grading of students as evidence of an imperialistic culture, one that needs to be overthrown.”

Ayers became a presidential campaign issue when it was disclosed that he and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, members of the Weather Underground communist terrorist group, had hosted a political fundraiser for Barack Obama, and that Ayers and Obama had served on the board of an educational foundation together.

The report on Ayers and his educational methods, The Extreme Make-Over of William Ayers: How a Communist Terrorist Became a “Distinguished” Professor of Education, is published by America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) and available on the organization’s website ASI is the organization that has held news conferences in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco to publicize evidence that Ayers and Dohrn were involved in a bombing that killed a San Francisco policeman in 1970. “Since Ayers now masquerades as an educator,” ASI President Cliff Kincaid said, “we came to the conclusion that we had to examine this phase of his subversive career.  Grabar’s analysis is devastating and provides the proof that student parents and administrators will need to challenge Ayers’ so-called academic credentials.”   

In the introduction to the report, Kincaid declares that Ayers is still a communist and his goals are the same, but that “Instead of planting bombs in government buildings, he is now planting bombs in students’ minds.” Kincaid also reveals the results of Freedom of Information Act requests submitted to the University of Illinois for material that Ayers uses in class and documents concerning how he was granted academic tenure.  The University initially denied an ASI request for materials that Ayers uses to “teach” students.  

To schedule an interview with Mary Grabar or Cliff Kincaid, contact Cliff Kincaid at or 443-964-8208.