ASI News 17 July 2010

July 17th, 2010 at 7:46 am EDT

Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival, Inc.:

Thanks to those of you who sent emails to the Venezuelan Ambassador calling for the immediate release of freedom fighter Alejandro Pena Esclusa. I will keep you updated.

While an anti-communist like Pena Esclusa remains in jail, and the Obama Administration makes no effort to get him out of jail, it quickly acted to send the captured Russian agents back to Russia.

Please take a moment to read our new report on the Obama Administration’s scandalous behavior in this case. I think there are two reasons to explain what is happening: the Russian agents had direct evidence of the Administration’s pro-Russian foreign policy maneuvers, and how the president was under the influence of Russian agents of influence; and Big Business wanted some business deals with Russia to go forward. We have all he details in our report.

Here is the shocking report in PDF format:

The Russian Agents, Obama, and the Cover-up. Why were the Russian Agents Released so Quickly? (PDF)

Of course, when I say that Obama was under the influence of Russian agents, I do not mean to imply that he was a dupe. He knows exactly what he is doing .His mentor was a pro-Russian member of the Communist Party USA, Frank Marshall Davis. Read the FBI file on him here. Obama has believed since he was a young man that Communist Russia was the hope of the world.

I hope you have read our special report on Obama’s 2005 trip to Russia:

Did "Moscow Center" Influence Obama's Arms Deal With Russia? Read here the Exclusive Report on Obama's Mysterious 2005 Trip to Russia. (PDF)

In response to our new report on the Russian spy scandal, I received the following letter:

“Some years ago I read Witness, which was for me a spiritual experience.  Like Jesus, Chambers bore witness to the truth.  As I recall, his conclusion went something like this: ‘I will continue to resist, continue to fight, although I am convinced that the Communists will ultimately win.’      Your latest column - about the Russian spy scandal - offers evidence of Chambers' prescience.  In fact, Alger Hiss came to mind as you quoted Eric Holder.”

We may ultimately lose this struggle, but we have to go down fighting.

Another reminder: we still need your help in an effort to free Pena Esclusa from a Venezuelan jail. Obama is working hand-in-glove with Chavez. We need your help.

Here is the information you need. Please call or email your messages demanding the release of Pena Esclusa. Please copy me at

The Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C. can be contacted at 202-342-2214. The Ambassador, Bernardo Álvarez Herrera, can be contacted by email at Also please send a copy of your protest note calling for freedom for Peña Esclusa to the press department at

Read More (PDF)

For America's Survival, Inc.


Cliff Kincaid, President

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