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March 14th, 2010 at 9:27 pm EST

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Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival, Inc.:

I apologize for being late with this update on our activities. Sometimes I am so busy that I fail to send out a newsletter letting people know what it is that we have that is new that is available on our web site If you don't hear from me, please go back on your own. We usually have something new every couple days.

People sometimes wonder why the Obama Administration is pushing the nation toward bankruptcy through more spending and debt. The answer is that they want politicians to come up with new things to tax. One of those is marijuana.

That's right: financial bankruptcy forces politicians to consider new sources of revenue. A big one is supposed to be marijuana. This is actually a big debate in California.

But there is a problem with that. Marijuana causes more problems. It is addictive and linked to mental illness. The marijuana business in California, where marijuana legalization is being discussed, is run mostly by the Mexican drug organizations. Whether it's legalized or not, they stay in business.

I have two important reports on my website about the Pentagon Pothead shooter, who came from California with a "medical marijuana" card. You need to have this information. It exposes the scam of so-called "medical marijuana."

Pentagon Shooter Pot Scandal Grows (PDF)

The Pentagon Shooter: A Psychotic Pothead with a Medical Marijuana Card (PDF)

On another subject, if you haven't read my report on the FBI's "closing" of the anthrax murders case, please go to:

Updated Report on Anthrax Case; Why the FBI's Fall Guy Didn't Have the Motive, Means or Opportunity to carry out the attacks (PDF)

Hint: the case is still open, and al Qaeda did it.

You may also have been hearing about the Texas Board of Education considering new curriculum standards. It's about time.

But some media are alarmed that the Texas board is considering inserting more patriotic references into the curriculum. 

The fact is that there is already indoctrination in the schools. It is left-wing.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has run an editorial praising our Mary Grabar report on the educational push for "gay rights" and "global education." Here's what the paper says:

A new shocking report on social studies "professionals" using classrooms as leftist indoctrination centers should prompt parents and taxpayers to reassert local control over public education.

Mary Grabar, writing for America's Survival Inc., recounts what she witnessed at the National Council for the Social Studies' 2009 annual meeting. Ms. Grabar -- whose parents escaped communist Yugoslavia when she was 2, holds a doctorate in English and teaches part-time -- found only negative views of the U.S. and the West.

Patriotism was absent from sessions and speeches urging that students:

  • Become "global citizens" committed to "social justice"
  • Sympathize with illegal aliens
  • Do the bidding of such government agencies as the U.S. Census Bureau and such liberal outlets as National Public Radio
  • Work in groups, play with puppets, sing songs and do multimedia projects instead of thinking and writing.

That's just the tip of this iceberg listing hard to the left. The public must scan schools' curricular horizons and demand course corrections for "education" that properly should be called socialist studies.

Read the report here. Just Released! ASI 60-page PDF report by Mary Grabar on brainwashing in the public schools - Indoctrination without Apology: Social Studies Teachers Share Strategies on How to Mold Students (PDF) 

In light of what Mary Grabar has uncovered about the political agenda of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), parents must take the information in this report, carefully analyze what their children are being taught in the schools, and then take their findings to school teachers, principals, and school boards.

I am pleased that the Texas Board of Education is acting to eliminate left-wing drivel from the textbooks. They should be commended.

For America's Survival,Inc.


Cliff Kincaid, President

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