ASI News 13 January 2010

January 13th, 2010 at 7:45 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America’s Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival, Inc.:

The big "news" for the media  when it comes to the Pope is that the Vatican newspaper and Vatican radio are critical of the "Avatar" movie because it makes the environment out to be God. The real story is that this "Green Pope"   is already treating the environment as God. This is ominous and scary. Read all about it in my latest report, "Pope Continues Global "˜Green' Campaign for World Government."  I just completed an interview on the G. Gordon Liddy radio show about this.

Frankly, this is far more serious than a Senate race in Massachusetts or what Harry Reid said about Obama. Our report examines the future of the world - and whether we will live under a global tyranny "“ and what role the Roman Catholic Church will play in this. There is no issue more important.

Here's what some people are saying about what we have uncovered about the "Green Pope"

  • "I am a 'traditional' Catholic and attend Mass at an SSPX chapel. It's scandalous that so-called Popes, who have deliberately undermined Catholicism as well as liberty for decades, now feel no compunction about ushering in the age of the anti-Christ, as described in Revelation. Nominally, the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church. In reality, he is becoming irrelevant to the majority of Catholics. It is a predictable result of meddling in politics and refusing to exercise any moral guidance, his only legitimate function."
  • "The pope does exactly what scripture says; namely reviving the 3rd Roman Empire. It will be the last one; and if you continue to read scripture, you will see that once again, the Roman Catholic Church, and Europe will attack Israel. I was wondering when this would come about; I guess I don't have to wait anymore. Surely, the resurrected Roman Empire will be part of the UN, which is called 'the beast' in the Bible. Nothing surprises me anymore."
  • "Being a Catholic, I believe the Pope looks at the world not through a political eye. He sees United Nations as the way the world should be, united and at peace with each other, protecting each other. He sees man's faults (and sinfulness) and how man can destroy himself and the creation around him. You and I know that the United Nations is a corrupt and not to be trusted and that global warming is a hoax. I think we have to examine the lens we look through."
  • "As a traditional Catholic it is my opinion that the pope should be calling for the investigation and prosecution of all who are responsible for the fraud called 'global warming'.   All who are indicted for this fraud should be tried for 'CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY'.  Population control, confiscation and redistribution of wealth, destruction of sovereignties around the world, oppressive laws established to control humanity and out and out tyranny against ALL OF MANKIND. They have squandered billions of dollars in their fraud on research in global warming -- money that could have been well spent in feeding the poor. These people need to be brought to justice, exposed and convicted for their crimes against mankind. In my opinion the pope must be sipping to much of the altar wine or he is now favorable to the 'teachings of Freemasonry, which the REAL Roman Catholic Church and its popes always opposed."

Let me know your thoughts as well. My email address is

Please also take a look at the agenda of the special "Jericho conference" in Washington, D.C. this April. Joe Farah and Jerry Corsi of World Net Daily will join me and others as speakers. Think about planning to attend. It will be explosive

For America Survival, Inc.


Cliff Kincaid, President

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