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November 16th, 2017 at 11:37 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Why do the politicians hate Roy Moore? A reader says, “I believe the republicrats are against Moore due to his being a Christian, a conservative and the guts to fight for our constitution.”

Why do the media hate Moore? Consider that a major homosexual journalist event is being held in Washington, D.C. tonight.

Here are the “special guests”:

  • Matt Ackland, FOX5
  • Chuck Bell, NBC4
  • Sarah Blackwill, NBC News
  • Steve Clemons, The Atlantic
  • Mike Carter-Conneen, ABC7
  • David Culver, NBC4
  • Jonathan Greenberger, ABC News
  • Ed Henry, FOX News Channel
  • Evan Lambert, FOX5
  • Kidd O’Shea, ABC7
  • Wendy Rieger, NBC4
  • Steve Rudin, ABC7
  • Steven Tschida, ABC7
  • Neda Ulaby, NPR
  • Kris Van Cleave, CBS News
  • Cecilia Vega, ABC News

My reaction is, so Shep Smith couldn’t make it?

You don’t make it into the elite circles of the media and politics unles you are pro-homosexual.

As a Christian conservative, I’m very fortunate to get my columns in such outlets as Renew America, GOPUSA, and Canada Free Press. My column, “Who wrote the Roy Moore Dossier,” is getting a lot of favorable attention.


Click on above graphic to read the rest.

Many so-called “conservatives” are dumping on Moore. That includes Matt Drudge and the Wall Street Journal editorial writers. We always knew the Republican establishment didn’t like Moore.

Matt Drudge is reported to be a major “gay conservative” who clearly finds Moore’s Christianity distasteful.

Regarding Moore and the women, I ask: where’s the proof? A signature on a high school yearbook that may or may not be a fabrication? Gateway Pundit says the Roy Moore signature inside the accuser’s yearbook appears to be written in TWO DIFFERENT COLOR Inks.

Watch this video analysis of the handwriting in the yearbook.

Read Judge Moore’s reponse here.

Let’s get the original and then analyze it.

Someone wrote to me, saying, “Judge Roy Moore is perhaps one of the most qualified conservative candidates to ever run for office. His anti-Sodomy, anti-transvestite, pro-life, pro-constitution stands are hated by the left and by Republicans.  It appears the left has dug deep into their vault of dirty weapons to murder Roy Moore, slander being their weapon of choice.”

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