[ASI] More Lesbians Come Out at NBC

March 27th, 2013 at 2:48 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival:

What was extraordinary about the March for Marriage was the high number of minorities, including blacks and Hispanics. More on that later.  Have you seen this about the two lesbians at NBC?

World Net Daily covered our efforts to expose Big Media funding of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) and linked to my letter to Roger Ailes of Fox protesting his channel's funding of the homosexual lobby. The article can be found here.

Thanks to all of you who sent emails to Irena Briganti objecting to Fox News funding of the homosexual movement. I think we will get through to them.

I have been copied on some of them. They include:

  • As a conservative I thought I had a voice through Fox News.  Apparently this is no longer true. By this funding, you are subverting our Judeo-Christian heritage and culture. I want Fox News to announce publicly that it will stop funding the gay rights lobby.
  • Is FOX really fair and balanced? If so, why are they supporting the NLGJA?  Why is it necessary for special interest groups to have their own Journalist Associations?
  • I have recently learned that Fox News is a financial supporter of a gay & lesbian journalist organization. How can Fox News support the radical gay political agenda and then claim to report the news objectively?
  • Fox News sponsorship of the March 21, 2013, National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association 18th annual Benefit is disturbing and appalling.  This is a special interest, political group. As such, Fox News has ZERO BUSINESS supporting such a group and demonstrates a shocking lack of journalistic ethics for doing so.  Please stop supporting this political, special interest group. 

Those of you who haven't yet found the time to protest to Fox News, please do so now. Contact Irena Brganti at her email address at: irena.briganti@foxnews.com

Ask Fox News to stop funding the homosexual lobby.

I have posted two new videos of the March for Marriage in Washington, D.C.

NY State Sen. Ruben Diaz at March for Marriage


Puerto Rican Pastor Dr. Wanda Rolon Rallies the "March for Marriage"

These two individuals are dynamic speakers and represent important minority communities. Thanks to them for speaking out when so many Republicans and "conservatives" are giving up the fight for traditional marriage.

I will never give up, no matter how many lesbians come out of the closet at NBC.

Have you noticed the number of "conservatives" who won't touch this issue? It makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Remember that you are not alone. The March for Marriage shows there are many like us. But we can only succeed if we band together in greater numbers.

Send me your thoughts at Kincaid@comcast.net

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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