[ASI] Marijuana and Murder

February 24th, 2019 at 9:39 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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California is not ony the base of Hollywood – and the appropriately named “Red Carpet” – but is now exporting drugs and violence to the rest of America. Demonstrating the power of the big money behind the marijuana business, Sheriff Jon Lopey of California reveals in our new ASI TV show that he was the target of a bribery attempt by a marijuana producer.  But Senator Kamala Harris says dope brings “joy” to the world.

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Show description:

Will President Trump resist the demands of the paid-off politicians for marijuana legalization on the federal level? California’s far-left Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris says marijuana brings “joy” to people and it should be legalized nationally. But Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskiyou County, California, says the Mexican drug cartels are moving into California under the cover of legalization, producing death and destruction in the Golden State and “exporting” these problems to the rest of America. Lopey, once the target of a bribery attempt by a marijuana producer, cites evidence and studies linking marijuana to mental illness and violence. He supports the Border Wall and urges President Trump to expand resources for law enforcement. “The federal government has to stand strong” against legalization, he says.

The legalization of marijuana has encouraged Mexican cartels to move to California to make their product “legal.” But they still produce it for the illegal market as well. The result: California now exports the drug to America as a whole.

In Baltimore, Maryland, there are open air drug markets and if you drive through certain neighborhoods they come right up to your car to sell various forms of dope. The pot may have been “imported” from California.

I mention in the show an interesting Netflix documentary series, “Murder Mountain,” on the marijuana business in northern California. That’s just north of where Sheriff Lopey is based. Law enforcement is simply overwhelmed by the power of the drug traffickers, including the cartels. They kill people and make others “disappear.”


Watch our ASI TV show and then take a look at “Murder Mountain.” Let me know if you agree with Senator Harris that marijuana brings “joy” to people.

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