[ASI] Limbaugh Takes Russian Line on Terrorism

June 30th, 2016 at 11:59 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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On Wednesday I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about how the ISIS terrorist attack on Turkey didn’t make any sense (to him) because Turkey is a Muslim country. He had no understanding of Russia’s war against Turkey, a member of NATO. What an embarrassment.

Here’s what Limbaugh said:

“…the current president of Turkey's last name is Erdogan.  It's E-r-d-o-g-a-n, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is what it looks like, but it's Erdogan.  And he is attempting to implement Sharia throughout the country.  It's what makes this attack interesting to me. I mean, they think it was ISIS, and ISIS attacks infidels and nonbelievers, so there's some political problem that ISIS has with Turkey.  It could involve the Syria war and who's funding here, who's buying oil from who, and who isn't.  So this may have ramifications simply beyond the tenets of Islam, not excluding aspects of Islam in the attack, but it may be a little bit more than that.”

Here are a few more nuggets of information from Limbaugh:

  • “I found it fascinating that ISIS, if it is ISIS -- and everybody thinks it is -- hit Turkey, because Turkey has been one of the biggest allies ISIS could have ever had.  Are you aware of that?  (interruption) You're not?  Now, that's interesting, 'cause you are a news junkie like I am, and you're not aware of this.  Well, let me run through some things for you.”
  • “Turkey was a helpful ally in ISIS' ongoing war in Syria and Iraq.  Turkey has been helping ISIS in their destabilization efforts throughout the region.  Turkey allowed the oil trucks that are owned and operated by ISIS to cross Turkish borders so that ISIS oil can be sold.  That is how the ISIS leadership, that's how the ISIS movement is being funded in part, which is a point Trump has made.  What the hell? “

Limbaugh had bought into the Russian propaganda that Turkey was funding and supporting ISIS. Here are some headlines from RT:

The ISIS attacks on Turkey are absolute proof that Turkey has not been supporting ISIS. To the contrary, Turkey has been sponsoring attacks on ISIS.

Isn’t it sad when a major conservative radio host with millions of listeners spouts pro-Russian propaganda?

Limbaugh needs to read our book Red Jihad.ISIS was created by Russian agents of influence. Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria has bypassed ISIS.

Our media are now playing down the reports that the bombers were from the former Russian republics. This is no accident.

Read our report “The Russian Roots of ISIS.”

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