[ASI] Leon Panetta's Hypocrisy on Russia

July 28th, 2016 at 4:36 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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Former CIA director Leon Panetta complained in his speech last night that Trump was encouraging Russian intelligence to hack Hillary’s computers. Russia has already done that. Panetta is the one with dirty hands.


You should remember that Panetta used to deal directly with the KGB and wanted to collaborate with the Russian intelligence service. Panetta’s own book discloses that he had a meeting with Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov, the head of the secret police, the FSB/KGB, and that it was held in a building that still contained a bust of Vladimir Lenin. Panetta talked about an “occasionally candid relationship” he developed with Mikhail Fradkov, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, the SVR. He writes that Fradkov wanted “to share information and collaborate on some common operational activities.” It appears that Panetta complied, at least to some extent.

In my review of that book, I note:

Panetta says the “old Cold Warriors in the CIA’s Clandestine Service” told him he was “wasting [his] time” in meetings with Fradkov, that the “Russians would never share, and they’d use the whole thing as a ruse to get close to our officers and try to recruit them as spies…” But Panetta went ahead with the “cooperation” anyway.

We warned when he was nominated for Secretary of Defense that he was tied to the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), a Marxist think tank that was supportive of communist regimes such as Cuba and Sandinista Nicaragua.

Who is this man?

Trevor Loudon and I noted disturbing evidence of Panetta's long-time friendly relationship with identified Communist Party figure Hugh DeLacy, who had ties to identified communist spies Solomon Adler and Frank Coe and accused spy John Stewart Service. The evidence showed that, in addition to his friendly ties to communist spies, DeLacy had traveled to Communist China and Sandinista Nicaragua in support of those regimes.

Then-Rep. Leon Panetta praised DeLacy and his wife Dorothy for fighting for "freedom, equality, and social justice." He hailed Dorothy, former Communist activist in Missouri and alleged Communist organizer in California, as "an organizer and activist." Their work was "tested by the dark forces of McCarthyism" and their causes included opposing "the costly and dangerous arms race - causes for which we are still working today," Panetta said. "I commend their work…"

Click here for our file on Panettagate.

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