[ASI] Kavanaugh is in Deep Trouble

September 18th, 2018 at 11:08 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

To ASI Supporters:

My columns are distributed to more than a dozen major websites and very few of them will now run my material. I am taking a beating because of my desire for full disclosure in the Kavanaugh matter. One major conservative leader sent me a note saying “you’ve gone off the deep end” on the Kavanaugh nomination and asking to be taken off our list of reports and press releases.

Many pretend to be conservative but won’t hold themselves and their fellow conservatives up to the highest standards. I do. I will.

A big ad blitz for Kavanaugh has been launched totaling $3.8 million in ad buys.

To his credit, Trevor Loudon has posted my column, The Kavanaugh Fiasco and the Current Crisis, at his website. Somebody attacked Trevor for running my column, saying that “the accuser is a Leftist Professor [Christine Ford] with a degree in psychiatry who consistently ranks low in student reviews.” Turns out she is referring to the wrong professor Christine Ford. The Grabien News website now reports:

We apologize for the error, but we've since learned there are two Christine Fords working in clinical psychology in California and we wrote this report about the wrong Christine Ford. We regret not going to greater lengths to ensure this was indeed the same Christine Ford. Please do not share this article with anyone (and if you have, delete it/withdraw it); we are only leaving the page up so you can see this important update. 

I stand by my work on the Kavanaugh nomination. In addition, Renew America has also run my column.

It is tempting for supporters of Kavanaugh to believe the worst about the accuser. But they ignore Kavanaugh’s involvement in the Foster murder cover-up. This casts doubt on his own integrity and character.

My point all along is that there are plenty of good female conservative judges and professors who could serve on the Supreme Court. This is what we need on the Supreme Court at this time. I have been saying this from the start. Kavanaugh was always a bad pick, in part because he is very moderate on the issues that matter most. He has pandered to liberal Senators.

The problem for Kavanaugh at the upcoming hearing is that he will be questioned about the party atmosphere at his Catholic high school and that his friend, who was supposedly in the room at the time of the alleged assault, is a self-admitted alcoholic who doesn’t seem to remember what happened.

Kavanaugh comes to next week’s hearing with his own memory and some former girlfriends who say he was primp and proper. She comes with the results of a lie detector test and notes from a therapy session on the assault.

If it’s a he said/she said situation, the liberal Senators that Kavanaugh tried to pander to will inevitably side with the accuser.

Even if the accuser’s story falls apart, there is still the problem of the Vincent Foster cover-up. This remains on the public record. Kavanaugh can’t escape his past behavior on that one. 

Politico reports that if Kavanaugh withdraws or loses, Republicans would likely try to push through another Supreme Court nominee during a lame-duck session. This time, they should nominate a real conservative with unblemished character.

For America’s Survival,

Cliff Kincaid,




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