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June 20th, 2011 at 12:09 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is when the full Senate votes on Leon Panetta to be Secretary of Defense.

I will be on the Gulag Bound radio show tonight at 10:00 pm EST to discuss what we have uncovered.  Please click here to find out how to listen and call in.

Here’s the promo:

Gulag Night - Monday, June 20, 10pm ET

Guest: Cliff Kincaid for one hour that exposes Leon Panetta.

Track the work of Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon at GulagBound.com, which reveals evidence that CIA Director and prospective Secretary of Defense is a communist collaborator, no cute figure of speech meant.

America's leading investigative reporter on the ever developing Marxist movement within America, Mr. Kincaid manages the America's Survival site and is Director of Investigative Journalism for Accuracy in Media (AIM).

We may also be joined by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, AJ, and perhaps others of The Bound.

Hosts: Arlen Williams & Tallulah Starr

Please tune in. And go to our home page www.usasurvival.org for the latest. My most recent column says:

Senate conservatives proudly call themselves “Reagan Republicans” because of Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” military policies.  But in Leon Panetta, whose nomination comes up for a full Senate vote for Secretary of Defense on Tuesday, they are being asked to endorse a man whose Congressional career was dedicated to fighting Reagan’s defense build-up and anti-communist policies.  That is why the unanimous vote in favor of Panetta in the Senate Armed Services Committee is so mystifying. 

Based on the facts about Panetta’s record and curious connections to a major figure in the Communist Party, which are only lately starting to get the attention of the conservative media, a vote for Panetta can only be viewed as trashing the Reagan legacy.

  • At a time when Reagan had said, “In virtually every measure of military power the Soviet Union enjoys a decided advantage,” Panetta sought to undermine Reagan’s pro-defense policies at every turn:

  • Panetta in 1983 endorsed the nuclear weapons freeze, a concept backed by the Soviet Union which would have frozen in place a Soviet nuclear advantage in Europe.

  • Panetta supported a ban on the testing and deployment of new nuclear ballistic missiles.

  • Panetta opposed CIA covert operations to undermine the Communist Sandinista regime, calling Reagan’s support for the Nicaraguan freedom fighters a “dirty war.”

  • Panetta opposed the neutron bomb, an enhanced radiation weapon designed to counter a Soviet tank build-up in Europe.

  • Panetta opposed the B-1 bomber, which was funded under Reagan and is today a key part of the fleet.

  • While most members of Congress were saluting Reagan and our troops for liberating Grenada, Panetta criticized the Reagan action and warned against the dispatch of a U.S. naval task force to the vicinity of Cuba. “This is not a

  • time to seek out new targets to flex our military muscle,” Panetta said.
  • Panetta opposed the MX “Peacekeeper” missile, arguing it would jeopardize arms negotiations with the Soviets. Reagan had warned that defunding the system would “weaken our ability to deter...”

This is why we urge you to call your Senators at 202-224-3121 to oppose the Panetta nomination.

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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