[ASI] Is This a Joke?

February 19th, 2018 at 1:17 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Obama CIA Director John Brennan has opened up, somewhat, about his 1976 vote for the Communist Party. Bill Bartel, a reporter for the Virginian-Pilot, described Brennan at the time as “ a long-haired college student sporting an earring and a Fu Manchu mustache. In those days, he rode a motorcycle and was so upset with the major-party choices for president that he voted for Gus Hall, candidate for the Communist Party of the United States of America. In the first post-Watergate presidential election, he said he couldn’t support Republican Gerald Ford or Democrat Jimmy Carter.”

Brennan said, “It was a protest vote against partisanship. That’s what it was.I listened to some of the ads and they were smearing one another. And so at that time I think there was a fair amount of political activity on campus.”

Communist political activity on  the campus of Fordham, a Catholic University! Well, well, well. The CPUSA was funded by the Russians.

CIA Director Brennan went to a Marxist Madrassa. Click here to order the book

He joined the CIA and later became CIA director. What a country! Apparently he thought working for Obama was a fulfillment of his pro-communist dreams for America. And he was right! As CIA director, he pointed the finger at Trump as being the Russian agent. Brilliant maneuver, John.

And now it’s been revealed that Russia-gate prosecutor Mueller’s recent indictments were based on an article in the Russian press. Trump is right: the Russians are laughing their asses off.

The Russians intervened for and against Trump. This is called dialectical warfare. That was the subject of our November 10, 2017 Russia-gate conference. America’s Survival, Inc. looked at the evidence that it was the Obama Administration -- not the Trump campaign or Trump Administration -- which had been working with Russia.

Here’s what the Washington Post has just reported:

…much of the information Mueller published on Friday about the agency’s [i.e. the  Internet Research Agency (IRA), a state-sponsored “troll factory” in St. Petersburg] efforts to influence the election had already been published last October — in an article by a Russian business magazine, RBC.

Are you kidding me? And this is what American taxpayers are being forced to pay for? Yes, indeed. Here’s the Russian version (translated):

You can read Mueller’s indictments here.

You know that if the information had already appeared in the Russian press, it was with the approval of the Putin regime. Which means it is not that important to them. Which means that Mueller fell for another ruse.

To be sure, the Russians violated U.S. laws. That’s serious business.  

But the more serious story, as we have been saying for years, is that Obama is the real Marxist agent with Russian AND Chinese ties. The FBI failed to conduct a background check on Obama.

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