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May 12th, 2012 at 3:19 pm EDT

Dear Friend of America's Survival, Inc.:

Happy Mother's Day

Clifford Paul Kincaid (left), Beverly Kincaid (middle), Clifford Patrick Kincaid (sleeping in my mother's arms) and my grandmother (right).

In recognition of World Communications Day in 1996, the Pope issued a statement strongly criticizing the major media for devaluing the concept of motherhood. He said, "we often see not the exaltation but the exploitation of women in the media. How often are they treated not as persons with an inviolable dignity but as objects whose purpose is to satisfy others' appetite for pleasure or for power? How often is the role of woman as wife and mother undervalued or even ridiculed?" Without saying so directly, the Pope was commenting on the negative influence of radical feminism in the media.

We have our mothers to thank for life and love. Celebrate motherhood.

I found this old photo (above) of me as a baby as I was going through some photos to be put in a House Photo Display that I purchased for my wife for Mother's Day. My Mom and Dad passed away years ago. But I still remember what they did for me.

I filled the House Photo Display (the one below is from the Hallmark website) with photos of our kids, and other members of our family. If you don't have a Mother's Day gift for that special woman, think about heading out to your local Hallmark store — quickly -- for one of these. They're nice. It says "Love makes a house a home."

Obama can talk all he wants about a man being able to marry another man, or a woman marrying another woman. That's not real marriage. A real marriage is between a man and a woman. Obama should promote traditional values, not special rights for mentally confused and mixed-up people. These people need help and prayers.

Obama's stand is alienating people, including black people, his base. In a story about the controversy, the Washington Post reports:

"The Rev. John Coats II, who leads an African American church in Columbus, Ohio, said his Facebook page erupted on Wednesday with critical comments about the president from people who had previously defended him. He is already preparing to preach on Sunday posing the question: Why doesn't the black community produce politicians who reflect the community's values?"

Consider that question: Why doesn't the black community produce politicians who reflect the community's values?"

In Obama's case, it's because he was mentored by a Communist pervert by the name of Frank Marshall Davis. I'm sorry Obama was brought up that way, but he should not be allowed to inflict those values on the country as a whole. And the country needs to know the trruth about Obama's mentor.

Read the story here in our special report.

Where did "gay rights" come from?

Harry Hay was the founder of the modern gay rights movement. He was a communist. After he turned to Marxism and embarked on a career of homosexual activism, Hay abandoned his wife, a fellow member of the Communist Party.  

We obtained the FBI files on Frank Marshall Davis and Harry Hay. Read Hay's FBI file here.

Needless to say, the documented communist origin of the "gay rights" movement in the U.S. is not a subject you will see highlighted by "gay rights" groups or discussed on the MSNBC cable show hosted by lesbian commentator Rachel Maddow.

You will also not see it highlighted on any Fox News program hosted by Shep Smith, who said Obama is now in the 21st century and that Republicans are on the "wrong side of history" on the gay marriage issue.

Come out of the closet Shep!

In the meantime, celebrate motherhood.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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