[ASI] Good speech: now what?

February 7th, 2019 at 12:11 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
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A white woman has claimed to be “American Indian.” More on that later.

More on Trump’s speech. I like that scene in “Braveheart” where William Wallace rallies the Scots to fight the English in his “Freedom Speech” and his compatriots say, “Good speech. Now what do we do?” Wallace replies, “I’m going to pick a fight.”

Trump gave a good speech. Now what?

First, the truth about Robert Mueller:

Click here to watch our ASI TV interview with author John Milkovich

Here’s the show description:

Trump gave a good State of the Union speech but can he survive Russia-gate prosecutor Robert Mueller’s out-of-control investigation? This new book looks at the extraordinary record and background of Robert Mueller, the “errand boy for the New World Order,” in the words of author and Louisiana state Senator John Milkovich. From 9/11 to organized crime figure Whitey Bulger to the crooked bank BCCI, Milkovich examines Mueller’s involvement in a series of cover-ups, terrorist incidents, and scandals. How was Mueller appointed? And what about Trump’s new Attorney General, William Barr, who raised money for the FBI sniper in the Ruby Ridge case?

I strongly recommend this article, Inside the secret Republican plot to take down Trump in 2020, in order to understand the roles being played by Bill Kristol and others in the plot. The article discusses how tormer John McCain aides, members of Evan McMullin's independent 2016 presidential campaign, disgruntled neocons, and establishment GOPers are working to destroy Trump’s presidency.

Thre’s big news from the Babylon Bee: Elizabeth Warren Admits To Wearing Paleface At College Costume Party

Will the scandals ever end?

"As a proud Native American woman, I now realize that dressing as a white woman at that party all those years ago was insensitive and offensive," Warren said in a heartfelt apology video. "It was wrong of me to culturally appropriate white culture, as I am only 1023/1024th white European colonizer."

Will European-Americans rise up in anger?

Subscribe to the Babylon Bee for the “real” news others won’t cover. It’s hilarious.

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