[ASI] Good News and Bad News

March 16th, 2017 at 1:40 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Good news: Trump’s budget proposes to defund public broadcasting.

Spending on the military will go up. But on what?

Drain the swamp? Let’s start with the military. And I’m not talking about heads rolling over a few nude pictures.

This is from a DOJ release:

Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless and David Newland, chief of staff to the Commander of the Navy’s Seventh Fleet, along with seven other high-ranking Navy officers are charged in a federal grand jury indictment with acting as a team of moles for a foreign defense contractor, trading military secrets and substantial influence for sex parties with prostitutes, extravagant dinners and luxury travel.

I have posted their indictment.

DOJ says Singapore-based defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis and his company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, pulled off “a colossal fraud that ultimately cost the Navy – and U.S. taxpayers – tens of millions of dollars.”

DOJ says:

The indictment is a veritable 78-page list of allegations in which Francis spent tens of thousands of dollars on bribing the defendants and the actions the officers took to reciprocate. Francis plied the officers with things like foie gras terrine, duck leg confit, ox-tail soup, $2,000 boxes of cigars and $2,000 bottles of rare cognac, plus wild sex parties in fancy hotels.

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