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May 9th, 2018 at 2:05 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Gina Haspel’s hearing for CIA director has been a disaster. No wonder she tried to withdraw. She claims the CIA interrogation program prevented terrorism and saved American lives but won’t defend its morality. She should have said something like:

You’re darn right we used harsh interrogation techniques. We were trying to prevent thousands more Americans dying after the initial 9/11 terrorist attacks. And I’ll do it again. That’s my definition of morality, Senators!

Instead, she was on the defensive throughout the hearing – under fire from liberals who believe the dismembering of innocent unborn babies through abortion is perfectly acceptable but object to pouring water on Islamic terrorists.

No wonder we have been losing to our enemies and adversaries. And the liberals have the audacity to talk about “American values.”

This hearing today is a prime example of how most Republican Senators have no understanding of what’s really at stake. Heck, most of them won’t even say the words “Islamic terrorism.”

Now they’re in the position of defending a career CIA officer for the post of CIA director. What happened to draining the swamp?

Haspel said in her testimony today:

Now, I have been asked by President Trump to lead this workforce and to continue the work that Mike Pompeo and I began a little more than a year ago: ensuring that CIA is postured to meet the complex challenges our nation faces. Those challenges include a changing but still lethal threat from terrorist groups; a nuclear threat against the continental United States from a rogue state; destabilizing Iranian adventurism; an aggressive and sometimes brutal Russia; and the long-term implications of China’s ambitions on the global stage.

Iranian “adventurism?” You’re kidding me. Iran is a Russian-backed Islamic terrorist regime expanding its influence in the Middle East and developing nuclear weapons.

A “sometimes brutal Russia?” The Russians/Cubans killed JFK, kill dissidents, developed terrorism as a weapon against the West, invade other nations (Ukraine and Georgia), violate treaties (INF), and constantly improve their nuclear weapons arsenal.

The Chinese? Can’t she utter the words “Communist China?”

We need somebody at the CIA who understands the enemy and wants to wage war against them.

Why not victory?

She seems like a nice lady but she is not equipped for this job. All of these CIA “veterans” should be forced to retire. They have gotten too much wrong for too long.

The rogue state she talks about is North Korea, another communist regime. Does she see any connection between North Korea, China, and Russia?

Instead, she’s under fire because the CIA was nasty to terrorists who wanted to kill us.

Wake me up.

Look at the letter sent by CIA veterans in support of Haspel: Swamp Rallies Around Career Operative Gina Haspel.

What’s worse, the Trump White House has issued a statement citing Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan endorsing Haspel:

Read it here.

This is from the Trump White House statement:

Intelligence and national security officials across past Administrations have praised Gina Haspel’s nomination to lead the CIA. They include:

  • Leon Panetta, former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense during the Obama Administration, said “I’m glad it’s Gina because frankly she is someone who really knows the CIA inside out.”
  • John Brennan, former CIA Director during the Obama Administration, stated Haspel “has the experience—the breadth and depth—on intelligence issues.”
  • Michael Hayden, former CIA Director during the Clinton and Bush Administrations, called Haspel a “great choice” and “highly regarded.”
  • James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence during the Obama Administration, “think[s] the world of Gina; she is capable, smart, very experienced, well respected by the Agency rank and file, and a great person.”
  • John Bennett, former Director of CIA’s National Clandestine Service during the Obama Administration, remarked that Haspel “is one of the most accomplished officers of her generation. She is extremely smart, strong and unfailingly honest. She is totally committed to the CIA’s mission.”
  • Michael Morell, former CIA Deputy Director during the Obama Administration, said that Haspel is “highly capable, she has deep integrity, and she has the best interests of the country, the Agency, and the men and women who serve it at heart.”

My friends, the CIA (and the FBI) are the Deep State.

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Cliff Kincaid, President




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