[ASI] Get Out of the "S---hole" Afghanistan

January 13th, 2018 at 11:38 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Talking about “s---holes,” what about Afghanistan? Is this “s---hole” worth one more American life?

I am back from my travels and eager to rejoin the fight.

Kim Jong Un is laughing at Trump

I had the opportunity to visit two presidential libraries in the state of Texas – George Bush’s and LBJ’s. Bush proclaimed a “New World Order” while his son got us involved in what turned out to be a no-win war in Iraq. LBJ escalated the war in Vietnam but that, too, became a no-win war.


Which brings me to Korea. Patrick J. Buchanan wonders why America should fight for South Korea, since, he claims, China and Russia aren’t committed to fighting for North Korea. In fact, China and Russia support North Korea, just as they supported North Vietnam, and just as they supported North Korea during the first Korean War.

At least the people of South Korea are pro-American. They live in a modern industrial economy characterized by democracy and freedom of religion. There are many Christians in South Korea. Indeed, about 30 percent are Christians.

By contrast, Afghanistan is a primitive and corrupt Islamic society.

Trump has gotten us further involved in a no-win war in Afghanistan. And he has just refused to withdraw from Obama’s flawed Iran nuclear agreement. In this case, Obama joined with the Russians in actually safeguarding a Russian client’s weapons arsenal through an agreement claiming to achieve the opposite. Obama actually thanked Putin for bringing about the Iran deal.

Terminating this agreement should have been done already. Instead, Trump is giving the deal another 4 months.

I expected better from this president.

In Korea, the dictator is playing Trump for a fool. His handling of “Little Rocket Man” has gotten us more dead-end “peace” negotiations.  New “peace talks” are permitting a North Korean “peace” delegation to send a team to the Olympics in South Korea.

Russian President and “secret” communist Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Kim Jong Un “is an absolutely competent and already mature politician” who has “solved his strategic task — he has a nuclear warhead and a global-range missile.” Putin’s right. He’s a competent communist, operating under the guidance of his masters in Russia and China. Now they want to see Iran get nuclear weapons.

It’s true that Obama also permitted this to happen. Obama, too, is a “secret” communist who just visited Red China again.

But Trump is the president now.

He’s cut off aid to Pakistan, which supports Jihad and has an Islamic nuclear weapon. China will fill the void. Which means we are still stuck in a trap. Meanwhile, Russia is supporting the Taliban, another variation of the Red Jihad.

At the same time, the socialist U.N. chief is laughing at Trump as well, while issuing a manifesto for open borders and more global migration.

There’s only one thing Trump should do - announce a complete withdrawal from the United Nations. The U.N. just voted 128-9 to condemn the United States in the matter of Jerusalem.

By the way, here are the numbers on American war dead:

  • First Korean War – 54,246
  • Vietnam – 58,209
  • Iraq/Afghanistan – 7,222

This country has no strategy for winning.

So how do we dig ourselves out of this mess?

We need better people around Trump AND Pence.

At Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, Vice President Pence said:

“The truth is the world is more dangerous today than at any point since the fall of communism a quarter century ago. Rogue regimes seek to threaten our people and endanger our allies. The menace of radical Islamic terrorism continues to rear its ugly head, and adversaries new and old have risen to challenge American leadership on the world stage.”

The truth is that communism did not fall or collapse.  And much of what passes for radical Islamic terrorism is made in Moscow.

We have no alternative but to continue to tell the truth and expand our educational efforts in the new year.

I don’t want to see our country fail. Do you?

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