[ASI] Fox News Becomes Laughingstock

December 13th, 2013 at 8:07 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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The Washington Post on December 11 described Megyn Kelly as "Fox News's brightest star." That same day, on her show, she described Santa and Jesus as white. Now, Kelly doesn't look so "bright" any more.

Kelley skipped her show last night, probably out of embarrassment. She has become a laughingstock for making these comments.

Megyn Kelly at gay journalism event

This is what happens when Fox News puts looks and style above serious journalism. If she is Fox's brightest star, Fox News is in trouble. And it is. This has really boomeranged. Kelly's new show, in a short period of time, had become the second most popular show on the Fox News Channel., second only to blowhard Bill O'Reilly. 

Now it looks like her credibility lies in tatters.

"Santa is just white," she told viewers, including kids.

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The Pope, Mandela, and Obama's Global Gay Rights Agenda

I admit. I'm not as good looking as Megyn Kelly. But our journalism is far superior.

In the first place, why is Kelly doing a segment of her show on the racial or ethnic make-up of Jesus and Santa? It was an "issue" because some left-wing writer somewhere was upset about depictions of Santa.  This made it a big topic for Fox News. Kelly had three people on the air talking about this huge controversy.

The other night I watched her show and she introduced Raul Castro as the SON of Fidel Castro. In fact, he is Fidel Castro's brother. She corrected herself after a producer whispered in her ear that she had gotten it wrong.

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I write: "Mandela should go down in history as a communist who manipulated a movement and a country, enlisting the ‘global community' in the process. This is truly an achievement, but not one that in the ultimate analysis will keep South Africa truly free and independent."

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